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  1. I currently belong to a DAV Post in Pennsylvania which I have been told may no longer exist. An election was held in April 2016 in which I was elected Adjutant and was informed that I would be authorized to receive mail. As an elected Officer I was never informed of any decision to disband nor have any meetings been called to notify the membership of this change.

    When I called and spoke to the Pennsylvania DAV Adjutant about the possible change, he mentioned that he had heard this issue from other individuals and mentioned of one person’s name and I told him I did not hear that from this said person and told him the name of the person I heard it from. He then told me that he needed to hear it from that person himself and then would call the Commander of the Post.

    As an elected Officer of this Post the Adjutant should have taken me for my word and made an inquiry in which I can only assume will not happen.

    There seems to be some improprieties ongoing with the finances at this Post with the two recent resignations of the elected Financial Officers over duties and responsibilities. The Commander of this Post is now in charge of current finances with no checks-and-balances from other elected Officers. There also seems to be a large amount of capital missing from the accounts at this Post, I was informed of.

    How do we proceed with any investigation when we cannot get support from the DAV chain-of-command in both the state and national levels?

    • Contact your Chapter Executive Committee members (Elected Chapter Officers) in accordance with the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws for calling an Executive Committee meeting. As the elected Chapter Adjutant, prepare for the meeting by constructing an agenda for the meeting. Record the meeting via digital recorder. Take notes and construct minutes of the meeting results. Report the results of the Executive Committee meeting to the Chapter body during the next Chapter meeting. If the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws allow, request the Chapter Commander declare the existence of an emergency condition, thus allowing the Executive Committee to make decisions on behalf of the Chapter. If the Chapter Commander is unwilling to declare an emergency condition, request the Chapter Executive Committee to make the declaration, thus overriding the Chapter Commander. Upon approval of the emergency condition declaration, request the Executive Committee to act on whatever has caused the need for the meeting and emergency condition, including but not limited to, updating the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws.
    • The DAV needs to be held accountable for its discriminatory practices. Please see the video I created on YouTube:

      Atlanta VA Cover-up of DAV discrimination

      To bring the DAV down, need to give the IRS a reason to look into the DAV’s books, because the DAV receives “federal financial assistance” from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). One example of this “federal financial assistance” is the DAV being able to use VA facilities to conduct business.

      Because the DAV is an alleged non-profit organization that benefits from a tax exempt status and federal financial assistance from the VA (see page 3 of Shannon v. Lardizzone, Civil No. 06-522 GMS. (D. Del. June 11, 2008) and as such, is not allowed to commit acts that violate public policy—even in cases where an organization did not violate any federal statutes or state or local laws (i.e. discrimination in the case of Bob Jones University v. United States, 639 F 2d 147 (4th Cir. 1980).

      If the VA and IRS finds that the DAV was committing discriminatory acts, the IRS (by law) has to remove the DAV’s tax exempt status and the VA (by law) has to remove federal financial assistance from the DAV.

    • As the elected DAV Chapter Adjutant you are responsible for the safekeeping and preservation of all Chapter records, including but not limited to financial records. If the Chapter, Department, and National are unwilling to assist with investigating chapter “financial improprieties,” you may have several options. First, confirm your authority under the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws. Second, take possession of all Chapter records. If you find resistance from other Chapter Officers with taking possession of said records, offer the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws as your authority, informing them it is your duty and responsibility as Adjutant to organize, categorize and especially inventory all Chapter records. If you are refused possession of Chapter records you can call for a Special Executive Committee meeting and present your case to the Executive Committee. If that does not work, you can contact the Department District Commander, explaining the situation of Chapter Officers refusing to surrender Chapter records to your office. The Adjutant cannot maintain Chapter records if he/she is not in possession of the records. If the District Commander does not help, go up the chain to the Department Division Commander. If that doesn’t work, write a dated letter to the Department Commander copying the National Adjutant explaining the Chapter, Department District and Division Officers refuse to surrender the Chapter records to your office. Once you get the records, document all records received, and take all financial records to a CPA for an financial audit. The Chapter Executive Committee can authorize payment for the financial audit. If there is fraud occurring you should cover your 6 by requesting action in writing to all Chapter Officers, Department and National Officers. If you find no action from the Chapter, Department and National, write a letter to the National Adjutant copying the National Commander, claiming whistleblower protection for your reports of fraud.
  2. Additional to my initial message as I was trying to tie your message about DAV, there were other comments about the VFW which may have confused some. DAV needs to be looked at with a fine-tooth comb. Changing the Bylaws would be a start, and after reading the Bylaws I learned that some of the leaders had not. When I mentioned about a fellow veteran who was an invalid and no one from the Chapter had even sent him or his wife a card, I was verbally attacked.

    The one thing all of us have is that once you join DAV you are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR). There is no Commander, First Sergeant over anyone; we are all are equal. Some Chapter members have frightened new vets into believing the Commander’s word is the same as in the military. The Commander is like the President, only to keep the flow of the meetings.

    To DAV Reform:

    We must first know how to run an organization. Then apply RONR. Many young vets never have been exposed to business and business procedures. I listen to the National Conference and the questions asked had value but were shot down because of the lack of knowing the Bylaws. When a past State Commander could not tell me where his Chapter’s Bylaws were kept, he exposed his lack of knowledge. How did he become a Chapter, and later a State Commander? He became such because there is too much deception and false leadership. There is no chain of command We are all equal, except some get paid a six-figure income, while others get nothing.

  3. Some of the questions asked had merit but were phrased wrong, giving Wilson a way out.

    If the people concerned about correcting DAV read the Bylaws, then let’s talk.

    I am very unhappy with DAV and there needs to be a change, but you have to be organized.


    Looks like there will be another year of stolen valor for Jonesboro, Arkansas DAV Chapter 26 Commander Billy Cribbs. This is exactly what all of the real veterans knew would happen. The local, state, and national DAV leadership have chosen to support, condone, and embrace “STOLEN VALOR,” who exposed himself in all of the media for stolen valor on Memorial Day 2015. There is no statute of limitations for Stolen Valor. No real American veteran, especially a real Combat Veteran, would ever be a part of any anti-American veterans’ deception.

    The DAV leadership, at every level—local, state, and national—for over a year, has had every opportunity to suspend, relieve, and remove from office, this STOLEN VALOR stain on the DAV.


    There is a culture of stolen valor and supporters who have infiltrated and embedded themselves into our veterans’ organizations. This dishonorable deception needs to be cut out, exposed, and eliminated. In 2013, Commander Cribbs wore his “unauthorized” VFW uniform at a CCVMF Honor Guard ceremony for a deceased veteran at Emerson Funeral Home. His DAV Adjutant, at that time, told him never to wear that “unauthorized” VFW uniform again.

    In an act of desperation, Carl Mosby and Carl Bragg, at the last VFW meeting, convinced the local (Post 1991) VFW Commander to make “Stolen Valor” DAV Commander Billy Cribbs an Honorary VFW Member, so he could be on the (NEW) VFW Honor Guard. There was no excuse for Stolen Valor on the old CCVMF Honor Guard. Bragg and Mosby have been lifetime members of the VFW for years; they both know that there is no such thing as an Honorary VFW member. Unless you are a (COMBAT) Veteran of a Foreign War, you can’t be a member of this organization (NO EXCEPTIONS).

    In accordance with SECTION 803 VFW NATIONAL BY-LAWS:

    “No person shall be entitled to use or wear any seal, emblem, badge, insignia, or uniform of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States unless a member in good standing or unless such written consent has been obtained.” VFW GENERAL ORDER NO. 2 STATES: “The National By-Laws provide for only one type of membership: active membership. There are no provisions in the National By-Laws, nor is there any authority or justification for issuance of Club Membership cards, Associate Member cards, Honorary Membership cards, Courtesy Membership cards, or any other special type of cards. Any Post issuing such unauthorized cards, or conducting club operations open to the general public, endangers its standing with the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization. Officers signing outlaw cards admitting non-members to VFW premises are subject to disciplinary action. National and Department officers cannot defend practices that conflict with VFW By-Laws or procedures.”

    Cribbs’ VFW card is illegal!

  5. Life member for 16 years, 100% T/P.

    Submitted good-faith report for misuse of chapter funds under Regulation 5, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, basically defrauding donors to the chapter. Chapter leadership began retaliation with threats and then formed conspiracy with co-violators to lie and falsely accuse me of being disruptive in chapter meetings, despite my use of points of order to raise issues related to chapter violations of Regulation 5.

    Department and National want me silenced and have issued a Department Article 16 Hearing set for this month. National Constitution and Bylaws inform members who submit good-faith reports that they can do so without fear of retaliation. National is ignoring and refuses to intervene.

    The Department claims due to my suspension I have no right to use chapter records, minutes and financial records for my defense. If I were able to use the chapter records for my defense, all false allegations of being disruptive would be shown to be without merit. Department conducted no investigation regarding my reports of fraud, additionally the extent of the investigation regarding false allegations against me consisted of soliciting complaints against me. No defense witnesses were interviewed, no records were inspected and I was not interviewed. No investigator was assigned by Department. The Department Commander has informed—prior to the hearing—that he gets to decide on the relevance of evidence submitted at the hearing and the defense claim of retaliation isn’t relative.

    Under the 6th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution the defendants have the right to access and present evidence central to their defense. The DAV Department and National have set themselves up with a hearing system which claims to abide by the Constitution and State laws, however the hearing rules clearly allow the Department Commander the ability to deny the defense access and submission of evidence without the ability of appeal, if the results of the hearing is not expulsion.

    This is a kangaroo court and violates nearly all the important tenets of a defendant’s rights to due process. Needless to say, until something is done to expose these tactics to silence members and correction of the process for submitting reports of fraud, disabled veterans and their families will suffer further.

    DAV must address excessive executive compensation. They want to keep the sheep quiet and working for them.

  6. DAV #117 at Bristol-Emilie Road, Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania has been shut down due to misrepresenting themselves to the community as a donation center to benefit the local veterans.

    In reality, that location was running an unauthorized thrift center and was stealing from the donated community goods intended for the benefit of the local veterans. They then trashed the donations they didn’t want for their own personal use or could not sell in their unauthorized on-site thrift store.

    No record keeping was maintained on the income from the donated goods sold in the unauthorized Thrift Store.

    This location was a total farce run by a group of miscreants who used foul language and ethnic slurs and were running a scam operation.

    They have now been shut down due to internal theft, community fraud with the unauthorized Thrift Store, and non-compliance with their non-profit status under the DAV Charter.

    As a volunteer, I was slandered and banned from the DAV-117. I filed a formal complaint resulting in the location being closed and shut down.

    I personally witnessed the theft, misuse and trashing of donated goods.

    Our veterans, and those of use to strive to help them, deserve much better.

    I am actively pursuing the fraud at this location and on the national level.

    CTB Civilian Daughter of a (Ret.) Army Colonel

  7. So where do we go to get help? I went to the American Legion in the Philippines to file for Veterans Pension. They told me that this does not exist unless I have served 20 plus years.

    Not true:


    They then gave me a form for disability, and the pension form when I gave them the form number. I contacted a RAO who was helpful with Social Security but not much so with VA Disability as he referred me to a VFW who has never responded to me. I found a DAV who seems to be helpful but is discouraging me from applying with the VA online. After reading the above, I now have to wonder about him.

  8. Senator Cody, can you help disabled combat veteran?

    I am a disabled Vietnam veteran. I served with the 101st Airborne 502nd Infantry, 1968.

    New Jersey gives us a $250 tax break on our homes; thank you. If you are 100% disabled you get 100% tax relief. Illinois passed vet bill S.B. 107 for veterans. Don’t you think N.J. vets deserve the same?

    I have 70% service-connected injury. Seems unfair that I have to hurt 30% more to get total tax relief on my home.

    Full Text of SB0107

    In a section concerning the disabled veterans standard homestead exemption, provides that, for taxable years 2015 and thereafter: (i) if the veteran has a service-connected disability of 30% or more but less than 50%, the annual exemption is $2,500; (ii) if the veteran has a service connected disability of 50% or more but less than 70%, the annual exemption is $5,000; and (iii) if the veteran has a service connected disability of 70% or more, then the property is exempt from taxation. Effective immediately.

    Veterans having any ideas to help change N.J. tax law please email me at

    U.S. Military Cyber Wall

  9. Does DAV have any group fellowship activities?

    And I am a 100% S.C. veteran who needs help dealing with some trees at my home. Due to my income level (SSD and money received from the VA. I did retire from the VA hospital, but this pays for our health insurance), money is kind of short. Due to my spinal cord problem, I cannot do a lot of physical work.

    Is there any help available for my wife and I?

  10. Here’s something I believe DAV needs to answer to.

    When Hillary, last Friday on MSNBC, stated “on camera,” VAs were being unfairly attacked by Republicans (vast right wing conspiracy) and the media (not being as “wide spread” as reported) and “Most veterans are happy with the care they receive from VA,” she actually made a fool out of herself.

    This week, other news stations have picked up her “backtracking”! She’s been ostracized by only a few VSOs (CVA and, I believe, only one or two more) and a few “elected officials,” Sen. McCain (R-Az.), Rep. Miller (R-Fl.) and others. But, no one has heard a peep out of the DAV.


  11. Nothing will happen indeed. The VA itself is a criminal organization that may do as it likes and does so. It is allowed as part of normal SOP to commit fraud and other crimes, nonfeasance and malfeasance with impunity.

    I am 12 years in a benefits fight, 4.5 years into an appeal, and 1.5 years into a remand in which the VBA processors simply removed the Army Medical records for my claim and then sent it to the judge. When one points this out, VA counsel doesn’t care, the OIG does nothing, for they are all in it together. I can prove by provenance and I maintained those records as well as reordered from the NARA myself and all are there. The VA simply took out the diagnosis in the Army and other files and then sent to judge to review. The BVA doesn’t care and there is no mechanism to get the judge to review this. Additionally, even through a DRO, they just didn’t bother to read at all; after 12 years they keep telling me that I didn’t have a kind of surgery or injury that I did—the surgical diagnosis and narrative are there. They just read the preoperative diagnosis. Now, if things were on the up and up and they really reviewed the records after 12 years, one would think that they could have gotten the diagnosis and surgery correct. Additionally, finally in July I had a C & P for the remanded condition. The C & P examiner was the first nice one that treated me like a human and a veteran. She said that I was SC for the condition but they won’t give me the report though they used in another condition denial inappropriately. Now, they send me to another appointment with a C & P examiner for the 22nd of this month for the same conditions. Why? In an effort now to deny again. Now bear in mind too, that they are supposed to handle older cases expeditiously and without an endless pursuit of more and more data, but no.

    I am going to be f#cked in the ass and harassed again. These people are criminals.

    • Send out letters to every Army Hospital that you were in and request a certified copy of all of your hospital surgeries and x-rays and labs. Remember Certified True Copies. I had to do this and finally won my claim. Those hospitals are no different than any civilian hospital. They still keep their own records. At least up to the year of 1994 when I requested my records.
    • Also, I can add, that that group in Kentucky are having sexual affairs amongst each other! Ask Mr. Justin Hart (Washington) and Bridgette Shaffer (Kentucky), using company cell phones to take explicit photos of each other and sending back and forth on company time with company electronics. What else, using donations to fund a year-long affair, by meeting each other on made up “business trips,” funded by of course, donations. Just ask anyone down at Kentucky in the plant. It’s so messed up, and how employees are promoted based on looks and sexual advances. Again, just ask.
      • So who made you the moral police? Someone is always having sex with someone. Let’s get back to making the DAV right and putting it back into our disabled American veterans hands. I’m so sick and tired of them just letting anyone that’s been in the service join; it’s called the disabled American veterans for a reason. We used to be a proud organization. Let’s just worry about that and not who’s fuc*ing who!
        • Using fuc*ing donations TO FUND AFFAIRS, THAT’S THE PROBLEM. If only those citizens knew where there hard-earned money was going, that’s why people should be concerned.
      • I understand rumor this and that, unfortunately, I recently witnessed, what I call a disgrace to our DAV officials, and if I may say, I can only assume the convention was time well spent for one particular manager.

        Bridgete Schaffer, I know, spent more time “working” from her hotel room, than I care to explain. It was comparable to a French whore’s room, every day/night, it didn’t matter, she didn’t care, and I’m only saying this because my wife of 36 years of marriage listened from the room next to Bridgete’s, and it wasn’t the same male any day. This type of activity is obvious from afar, and this is not representing myself as a veteran, nor anyone who is donating their time or money.

        Now I might add, to make matters way worse, this young lady can’t keep her clothes on, being, that us, the attorney representing life memorial grounds, is a friend of a friend, and he is screwing her, James C. Is his name. I’ve been around conventions and dedications, it’s very clear to see what is going on, where her tine is spent. I hear mostly in hotel rooms, or client’s rooms that is. I’m deeply concerned for the future of DAV, and the moral aspect of someone who holds the responsibilities of a leader.

  12. DAV Chapter 26 Commander wore VFW cover and shirt in violation of VFW General Order #2 and Sec. 803 of Bylaws on Memorial Day 2015. This is stolen valor since he is not a Member. What a winner for DAV Commander!
    • Has anyone contacted the VFW over this issue? Or what does the local VFW Chapter or State Department think? You state he does not belong to the VFW. Therefore, as I am a life member of the VFW and feel he was out of line! I hope something is done, especially since he stole valor from those who served in a foreign war!
  13. I have great respect for the DAV. They have successfully helped me on several occasions.

    The idea of top brass overcompensating themselves embarrasses me no end; I often tell vets to use their services, and that it is the best of vets charities to donate to. It still is, but the top brass are getting way too much money; especially if they are not disabled vets. The money would be best spent on programs and to paying at least some of the more hard working volunteers.

    I still support the DAV and will continue to donate. But I am very disappointed to hear about this.

    • Brother California Vet:

      The latest Charity Watch ratings are out and the DAV is still rated D-!!!!!

      I’ll bet all the help you got was from local DAV Blue Hat Members, not from the scum-sucking maggots in National. It’s OK to support your local Chapter DAV unit. Just don’t send money to National. The DAV gets its D- rating because of them.

      Our goal is to shut off the pipeline on money to National. They sit every year with over $400 million and do nothing but draw big dollars. National’s pension fund has over $87 million in it.


    • The DAV, in my opinion, has been and is worthless when it comes to helping vets. They have done little in Washington D.C. to get the VA ‘on the right track,’ so to speak.

      I do not and will not donate to them until they prove unquestionable loyalty to ALL veterans whether they be members or not! In my opinion, all they care about is how much money is, and will go into their pockets! Until their loyalty comes back to the members I will inform any and all of this website.

      Keep up the great work DAV REFORM!

      • The DAV in Florida has some of the RUDEST people, especially in the Gainsville area. Because they are “head of the organization” in Florida, they are now acting same as National. Rude and obnoxious. Will NEVER donate to them and will tell everyone to go to other organizations.
  14. I am an Officer of DAV Chapter 17 Gainesville, GA.

    We are a very active Chapter; perhaps the most active in Georgia. It bothers me greatly that neither our National or State departments are doing anything that I see to help veterans.

    Chapter 17 during our last fiscal year assisted veterans and their families with $42,419.69. During this fiscal year we have provided $148,000 worth of new electric wheelchairs, yet we are told who we have to give the wheelchairs to.

    Personally I would like to see some reform in the DAV organization.

  15. In the April 6th edition of Engineering-News Record, they report the following: update on VA’s Major Hospital Construction Programs:

    City/Original Budget/Current Estimate/% Increase/Total Time To Complete

    1. ORLANDO $254 million $665 million 162% 10 years
    2. LAS VEGAS $325 million $600 million 85% 11.25 years
    3. NEW ORLEANS $625 million $1.035 billion 66% 8.5 years
    4. AURORA DENVER $325 million $1.73 billion 427% ?
    5. Five additional hospitals $2.5.0 billion $4.0 billion 80% 10 years

    TOTAL: $8 billion

    Add to that $4-5 billion for furnishing the hospitals upon completion. Glenn Haggstrom, who ran this program and was under fire, was allowed to retire with full benefits. DeWayne Hamlin, one of the VA’s top officials in 2014, was absent from his job 80 days (not including sick or vacation time), yet received his full pay. He is the Administrator of Hospitals in Puerto Rico, but lives in Florida. He was arrested in Florida on April 26, 2014 for being drunk and having a controlled substance. Still in place at VA. This week the media reported that after one year where the VA said they would fix the problem, Vets still waiting 40-60 days for appointments. Senator McCain was right: WE SHOULD GO TO FEE BASIS AND BASICALLY DO AWAY WITH THE VA HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. Let every Vet go to the doctor of his choosing. If you have Medicare, the VA bills Medicare every time you go to the VA anyway.





  16. Well, the last survey that the DAV sent me about the “veterans choice program” was full of leading questions i.e., #5 and #6, which made me say if it hurt veterans to use it would you do it?—or something like that. I am sorry I did not copy the survey.

    I am a 100% service-connected Vietnam vet collecting compensation and am happy for it. I have only the VA medical and SS for my health program. I don’t know how much longer I will be alive since I have stage 3 or 4 of congestive heart failure, and am 68-years-old.

    I feel helpless with my VA medical program and their inability to give me the treatment they say I need. I feel helpless with the DAV as a lifetime member, as they have not responded to my many questions.

    • They have recently changed the rules of VA healthcare so check first but if you can please go to an outside reputable cardiologist under your Medicare insurance if you have it. I think you need A and B. You might be surprised to learn more options, treatment and different results from testing. My husband did and I believe it saved his life. Good Luck.
  17. As a life member of the DAV, I too have seen the staffing of Bay Pines in Florida extremely under-weighted in the personnel needed to attend the needs of those who come in good faith; and, are treated with disrespect.

    Many of the personnel are overworked while others lack the caring skills needed to bring about a successful encounter about which many know nothing. Looking forward to your suggestions!!!!



  18. Problems with DAV Chapter 26 in Jonesboro, Arkansas

    Chapter 26 Commander has his own van and drives it for personal trips and business. Where did the van come from? The van was one of the VA vans used to transport veterans to Memphis and Little Rock Medical Centers. That is a very good program and is ran well by members of the Chapter. These vans were taken out of service early and additional tax money was requested from the City of Jonesboro and Craighead County to purchase vans early. The first van taken out of service was used by the Chapter 26 DAV Commander and driven as he desired for two years. Then he wanted another van, so he promised his van to the State DAV has his second van and his other van is en route to the State DAV Adjutant. Each time a van was taken by the Commander, the mayor or city rep and County Rep were not asked to approve or sign off on property transfer even though city and county tax funds had been used to purchase the vans. I don’t see either of these two vans providing assistance to the veterans in Chapter 26 area. This would mean the Chapter 26 DAV Commander and the State DAV Adjutant are using disable veterans’ benefits and taxpayers funds for their personal gain.

    DAV Chapter 26 had a very good program of honoring dying veterans with 11” bronze statues. The Chapter 26 Commander and the Executive Committee got lazy or overcame with the desire for self-gratification and started telling all Members that the program was only for the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House. They even put it in the Jonesboro Sun on October 29, 2014 that the funds were reserved for the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House. At the October 2014 meeting, they even went a step further and had the Membership vote to charge veterans outside the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House $75 to get the statue honoring their service.

    They had gotten two grants for statues from state tax money ($5,500) which clearly stated the funds were for dying veterans and their families in northeast Arkansas. When this vote was taken, the State DAV Adjutant was present and part of the meeting. What happened to the funds that were collected? Like the gift cards and free gas! Like the gift cards and free gas, they never showed up in the financial reports.

    How does a DAV Commander’s van, State DAV Adjutant’s van, gift cards given in the name of disabled veterans, free gas and charging for honoring dying veterans, benefit veterans or disabled veterans? We realize that over $52 million goes for salaries of the leaders of the DAV this last year and give the DAV a ‘D’ for their poor ratio of funds dispersed for disabled veterans’ benefits.

    In August when I discovered the questionable activities within Chapter 26, I went to the Commander and told him he needed to get this mess cleaned up; I gave him 30 days. I also went to the 2nd Vice and asked him to clean up the mess. I went to the acting Adjutant and asked him to see to it that the mess was cleaned up. That is when the coverup went into full speed. On September 23, the Service Officer requested an audit from the DAV State IG and DAV State Adjutant. I called the DAV State Adjutant and requested some corrective action. A month later, I called the DAV National Adjutant’s Office and talked to a lady, and she told me I was doing the right thing by reporting the problem. She said someone would get in touch with me. No one contacted me, so I called them again and got the same lady. She transferred me to the DAV National IG’s Office. I talked to the DAV National IG and he told me it had been transferred back to the DAV State Adjutant. I called the DAV State IG and he told me he could only make recommendation to the local chapter. A few of us transferred to Chapter 43 in Missouri on October 25, 2014.

    The DAV State Commander suspended five of us to keep us quiet and away from other members on November 3 until February 3. I contacted the DAV State Commander by phone on December 19 and requested a meeting with him so I could provide him the facts. He stated he could not meet with me in December, so I mailed him a package of data and asked that he call me when he received it. He called me December 26 and we set a date and time to meet on January 6, 2015 in Ash Flat, AR. He called me back on December 29 and stated he couldn’t meet on the 6th. We agreed to meet on January 8 at 2:00 PM in Ash Flat again. On January 8th I drove to Ash Flat and the Commander was a no-show.

    On January 17 the Chapter 26 DAV Commander filed a false police report with ASU police and the DAV State Commander neglected to verify the ASU Campus Police Report. He made false charges against me stating I would have an Article 16 hearing. By this time, I decided to resign from the DAV. In February 2015 I resigned from the DAV, threw my cover in the trash, gave my DAV shirts to the ‘Goodwill’ and sent my DAV card to the DAV National IG Hartman. I’m extremely disappointed to learn we pay each DAV National Officer $250,000 to $445,000 per year, and they cover up actions and are no help when called on. They just became part of the coverup. I want veterans and taxpayers to decide if the actions of the local DAV Commander, State DAV Commander and National DAV should the above action be covered up and forgotten.

    Jerry Miller

    • I guess Jerry you learned what I learned back in 2010. Whistleblowers in the the DAV are treated as LEPERS.

      I resigned in 2011 after being Article 16ed for exposing corruption in my Chapter #1 in New Jersey. In 2005 when I went after the NJ State Adjutant/Treasurer/and self-proclaimed State Chief Executive Officer and Business Manager, the then National Commander Sursely deemed me to be “AN UNGUIDED MISSILE.” When he was finally removed and under indictment for stealing nearly $2 million from the State over 10 years, no one apologized. After spending six years exposing corruption, I decided it was time to get out and fight the DAV from the outside. Did you know that a former National Commander was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan? Another was a Member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Another was a White Separatist. They just expelled a dear friend of mine, because he helped me put out this website.

      I am researching a book on the DAV and hope within two years to have it in print, indicating the breadth of their corruption and self-dealing. Did you know that about 15 to 20 years ago, the then New York State Adjutant was in the National Line and was two years away from becoming National Commander. When it was found out that he was Jewish, he was removed from the line. They are not only crooked, but also anti-Semitic!


      • Glad to see they finally got rid of Tony Baskerville from National. I’m thinking the video you put up a few months ago saying anyone can join the DAV might have something to do with it . . . way to go guys! Let’s hope the next guy doesn’t just let anyone in our organization and it’s gonna be for disabled veterans like the name says.

        Keep up the good work and keep the faith. We will take back our organization and bring it back to the members.

      • So . . . care to fill us in on what your latest book of lies and fraud is called, Mr. Unguided? I’m sure a lot of Stolen Valor sites would LOVE to read it!
  19. I was just informed by my service officer in CO that the reason my appeal is being delayed is not because of the VA but the DAV office located in the BVA has not reviewed it yet and there are over a thousand some cases waiting for DAV review. I told him I wanted to revoke my POA and have my file sent to the judge for a decision. So what good is the DAV doing me or the other waiting on them?

    I wonder if anyone else has ever been told this?

    • We did the same thing DAV screwed up husband’s claim in 1992. He is 100% for TBI and quite a few other things. Multiple calls over the years to the DAV went unanswered, wrongly answered or I was told to be happy with what he got.

      I started fighting like mad around 2007 when Alaska Chief of Staff Cynthia Joe told me 100% isn’t head to toe. It just means they have to treat the service connected conditions and a symptom of TBI had to be rated as a separate issue. We almost lost our house paying for medical care the VA should have covered. And, they lost SOCOM’s confirmation under Fast Letter 09-52. It was cumbersome for Dr. Joe to have a supervisor get into my husband file every time at the VA so now she fixed it that the janitor can probably get into a career SOF officers VA file. Sweet huh?

      Things still CLASSIFIED under a 75-year TS rule came out when DRO Katrina Bone insisted he tell her exactly how he got hurt and two instances one falling 1,250 feet with a partial chute opening and a vehicle accident in a military vehicle weren’t enough for her. Copies of him passing Rangers, Jungle Warfare, Flight School, Q course, etc. physicals didn’t prove he was in good shape when he went in and his injuries might have been pre-service! Listing the symptoms on his discharge physical wasn’t proof they existed at discharge. Because he had TBI since 1992 he was to be forever judged on 1992 knowledge and tests of TBI. 2015 knowledge didn’t count. Up to date experts in TBI didn’t count. Amazingly USSR-like. Indianapolis VBA Director Stephens even sent Homeland Insecurity to our house for intimidation.

      They even put the fact I sent her a copy of Training Letter 09-01 the SOP for TBI in the evidence listing but she ignored blatant symptoms it links to TBI in TL09-01. She admitted in the hearing she couldn’t read a 2-1 that clearly said SOF and that she, Katrina Bone, was the final decision of his claim, not the law, not the evidence.

      My husband’s case manager had to stop her and point out it was NOT an adversarial hearing. Title 38 Duty to Assist is foreign to her and despite Procopio v. Shinseki said she was exempt for helping. When asked point blank on the record “what are you looking for to approve aid and attendance (she had two 21-2680s now there are five) she said it wasn’t her job to tell us what was needed for the claim. Just to decide if we had proved he needed it. And, preponderance of evidence and the rule under the Special Ops troops of taking their statement for an injury didn’t matter to her.

      Nice, a rogue DRO with a Director backing her up.

      The VA is actively putting Nation Security at risk by allowing VAROs to ignore the law and SOCOM’s confirmation of Special Ops troops. They even sent my husband to a VES psych doc that VES later admitted wasn’t kosher and fired the doc that had an assistant VES didn’t know about with a Russian accent and made copies of half of his service records. I see no problem there (sarcasm off).

      DAV at the time said that isn’t right, but was too busy to look into it. Too shorthanded to help, but a donation would be appreciated.

      So he took them off the POA and put me on. DAV reported me as his ATTORNEY. That caused a whole host of new problems. Got that fixed. Than I get a call from DAV asking if they could be POA again. Sure, just find me someone who is familiar with SMC T—newer law for aid and attendance for TBI SC vets. They give me a name and I call him. Turns out the guy is way too intimate with the VBA and in fact worked in the same hallway with it.

      I was told that:

      A) he couldn’t get ready in time for the hearing coming up in two weeks even though I had read and cataloged all 3,500 pages of my husband’s C file. I could pull out anything he wanted in minutes.

      B) This SMC T “expert” gave me wrong information and knew less than I did! Didn’t know what Fast Letter 09-52 was off the top off his head. Or, that if SOCOM confirms a vet is/was Special Operations a new set of laws kicks in. Including all training under Special Ops is counted as combat for VA purposes.

      C) He knew that I had upset the cart in Indianapolis and that DRO Katrina Bone and Director Michael Stephens was not going to approve my husband’s claim no matter what evidence I provided because I didn’t show them enough respect. Law be damned. He had already talked to at least one of them and when asked to sign a sworn statement to that fact became very upset and refused saying he “had to be able to help other veterans.” I record a lot of my phone calls. I am sorry that wasn’t one of them but I didn’t realize I was calling the enemy camp. Blind Veterans told me virtually the same thing. Another useless group.

      He is a lifetime member since 1992 but lost his card. Writing to the DAV got him nowhere. But, here is the kicker. A year later and with a new address 800 miles and another state from when he requested a new card he gets an expensive DAV recruitment package today in the mail. Along with the cheapest challenge coin I have ever seen. An insult to a U.S. Army Ranger and Green Beret.

      And, they want just a mere $230 dollars to make him a lifetime member with a cool ass T-shirt thrown in.

      But, to get back to your question. Yes, get rid of DAV, VFW, American Legion, Blind Vets, etc., etc. and find a good attorney. Shanna Dunn and Benjamin Krause or Chris Attig or good ones. I picked Shana Dunn for my husband as she came highly recommended by the Special Ops community. She has already found stuff in real time that amazes me.

      You do not need an attorney in the state you are in. And, they only get paid if they win. A greater percentage of claims are won by attorneys than by pro se or veterans service organizations.

      Best of luck.

  20. Have problem in Jonesboro, AR with DAV Chapter 26 and found it runs all the way to the National level.

    They are taking tax monies for the vans and instead of selling them they are giving them to the Chapter Commander and now another one to the State Adjutant. They also took tax monies for our statue program and failed to follow the grant directions.

    Only want to see the right thing done!

    Thanks for your efforts to correct DAV wrongdoings across the nation.

    Jerry Miller

    • I would call the IRS. In some states vehicle registrations are public info. If not, a sympathetic PI can get it for you.

      Put a copy of the van registered in their name along with a copy of the local or national charity exempt status forms and mail or hand carry it to the IRS. If you hand carry it make sure they date stamp a copy you keep.


      Here’s a great website. It gives information concerning the VA and what is NOT being done for the veterans, or what is happening (negatively) against the veteran.

      Stars and Stripes newspaper has also been reporting on the VA as well for the past few months. I hope you check them out. The stories posted online and their hard copies are not too flattering toward the VA and/or Mr. McDonald.

      Question to you:

      Do you believe, with all the negative information surfacing on the VA, that anything will happen to make it better concerning the VA?

      • Florida Disabled Vet:

        We believe there will be incremental change, but the system is too corrupt and broken and not focused on the veteran.
  21. Mr. Walter:

    Many of us in Florida have contacted a multiple amount of representatives concerning our plight with the VA in Central Florida. No one has taken heed or listened. Many feel anything anyone says is RHETORIC! I believe it would be imperative for Mr. McDonald to return to Florida and speak directly to the veterans as you say he does. At the beginning of December, 2014, the VAOC, Orlando (Lake Baldwin), had a “town Hall Meeting” for the vets/patients. It was to let the vets talk about their concerns over the quality of care, or lack of, received there! It was to last two hours. It lasted between 45 minutes to one hour before the administrators shut it down. The vets/patients were NOT taken seriously by the administration. Lake Baldwin is the same VAOC where a former Marine committed suicide late November or early December 2014.

    The VAOC of Orange City, Florida has had multiple concerns/complaints against them.

    For example:

    1) The VA pays rent to the owners of a pharmacy, located in the front part of the building, to occupy the back section of the building. The VA also pays rent for the dirt parking lot adjacent to the building. The way a vet/patient receives medication (treatment) is; the physician sees the vet/patient. The physician then sends the request for meds to Lake Baldwin (Orlando) to be processed. The vet/patient will then receive the meds within 6-10 days. Question, wouldn’t it be better to pick-up the meds right then and there? BTW, that is about all the physicians do at this facility.

    2.) The VA also outsources (pays) to have the vets/patients have their blood work done. Why isn’t it being done in-house by VA employees? This is the same VAOC where a former Marine was accidentally locked in the building late November or early December 2014.

    In my opinion, the VA IS wasting taxpayers money to keep this particular VAOC open. And, as reported this year, the GAO has stated “The VA and IT are now at High Risk for Fraud and Waste”!!!!

    There are many more stories concerning Central Florida’s VA facilities. Maybe that’s why the state of Florida filed suit against the VA here. Check it out.

    • Dear Wife of Disabled Vet:

      Please believe me, I feel your pain and I am all on your side. I am a veteran. The only trouble I have had with the central FL VA system is that with my fight with Washington VA Board of Appeals someone took it upon themself or selves to extract my information from my means test that eliminate me having to pay for my medicine. I tell you if they cared about me or any other veteran they would fight for us. However, they have been earning bonuses by taking money from veterans and their wives. The fact is to change the culture in Washington for the veteran.

      Read this:

      VA secretary claims 900 firings, 60 related to wait times, since he took over

      He has only been on the job a little over six (6) months. There is a lot on hi,, everyone wants it micro-waved to them. Even as to he is conscientious about veterans.

      Walter W. Walker

      • Dear Mr. Walker:

        Please go to the comment posted on 20 February 2015, by “Florida Disabled Vet,” key where it says “go to this website.” You will be, as many are, insulted by the way veterans are being treated across this nation; I was! There was, and always will be, veterans and civilians to take up the cause against an organization, any organization, which puts their own needs and greed over what is and has been mandated by any government and/or any non-government entity!

        There are MANY comments on this site which proves that! Like I say, I pray Mr. McDonald comes here to Florida and straightens out the mess we have. And I also pray that he visits other states and does good there. I understand it may take some time. Yet, at the same time taxpayers are feeling the brunt of the storm, so to speak!

        I hope you understand and pray for us here in Florida, plus all the other VAs across this nation.

      • McDonald LIED on Meet the Press. He did not fire that many people. Even the House Speaker, Mr. B. called him on this last month, (April).

        Of course what would anyone expect from him!

    • There is a PO system in place where that physician can buy meds from private pharmacies if he designates they are needed right away. At least a script while the mail in meds come.

      We have used it in Alaska where the Homer VA clinic is run out of the local hospital. Meds like antibiotics, pain meds for injuries, inhalers for pneumonia, etc. were all faxed to the local pharmacy in town where we picked it up.

      The VA has a lot of programs already in place that it hides because they don’t want to spend the bonus money.

  22. This may confirm my suspicions the VA may be watching what’s being printed on this website.

    Here’s an article:

    V.A. Secretary: ‘900 People Have Been Fired’

    Maybe, just maybe, Mr. McDonald will do right. Yet I still have reservations, as do many veterans across this nation! There is still no word as to a shake-up here in Florida. We have many vets here who are, and have been, disappointed with the lack of health care our true veterans have received here! So, in my opinion, he needs to get here and fire the incompetent people who are causing the VA to pay-out enormous amounts on tort claims filed here.

    Mr. McDonald, if you are watching this, please don’t give us more rhetoric. Do the right thing, PLEASE!

    • I am in Tallahassee for the moment. Mr. McDonald had a VA worker call me and find out my dilemma with the VA Board of Appeals. What took the board seven years to complete, Mr. McDonald had them to do it several weeks. Then to add insult to injury, they would not issue the finding to pay. What took them three months to decide, he had them to do it within 24 hours. They attempted to punish me with the percentage, but I will appeal that. Mr. McDonald has a heart for the veterans. Follow him and see what he is doing. He is on the streets with the veterans, I mean literally on the streets with them passing out jackets and clothes for the homeless. There are many of us with many problems; call him, he will call you back. Don’t sit and complain, make something happen for yourself. I did, by speaking to him.

      Walter W. Walker

    • I read the article you wanted “Wife of Florida Disabled Vet” to read. At the bottom, it rates the statement(s) made by Mr. McDonald as “FALSE”! Therefore saying he is NOT being truthful!!! Please go and read other websites given on here. They are extremely accurate I believe; you will probably change your opinion as what is actually happening throughout the nation, especially when it comes to VA Healthcare for our veterans.

      I hope this helps.

      A Vietnam veteran and proud of it. Only, I am not proud of the RHETORIC given out to our Brothers and Sisters who have, and are, serving in the U.S. military by an individual who, in my opinion, does nothing!

  23. “THE COWARDS AND THIEVES OF COLD SPRING KENTUCKY” strike again and take another brother down.

    Dave “G” who was a former Chapter Commander in the State of New Jersey, and who they felt helped me put up this site, was suspended by them over 2 years ago on trumped-up charges. Today he had to appear in Washington before the National NEC for an Article 16 hearing. Me they can’t touch, because I resigned from this greed-filled, blood-sucking group back in October of 2011. So unable to get me, they went after DAVE. Of course they found him unanimously guilty of conduct unbecoming a DAVer, and expelled him this morning.

    We know because of this site we are hurting their pocket book as donations are down.

    I urge everyone of you out there to spread the word. No more money to DAV National. Write to Ford Motor Company, Golden Corral, Hertz, and all their other corporate donors to stop donating to them because 85% of the money donated to these blood-suckers goes into their pockets as salary and perks. Contact your family members, friends, business associates, and acquaintances. TELL THEM TO STOP DONATING.


    • The second attempt to sidestep the U.S. Constitution by DAV National. I for one can’t wait to see their next income tax filing. At least Wilson got his son a job.

      1. No protection under double jeopardy section of U.S. Constitution
      2. No freedom of speech

      They should change their motto to “I GOT MINE.”



      Seems like National IS in a bind. Because many of us here in Florida have been informing the public about what the DAV has been doing nationwide to the (former) proud members of the DAV! We will continue to inform everyone and anyone who will listen!

      Thanks for all the good work you have done. The public is listening by the way.

      Question to you:

      Have you looked at the websites I have posted on here concerning the VA? And do you think the VA learned how to screw the veterans from the DAV, or visa-versa? This is why I have given many websites to y’all concerning the VA!

    • Also, I can add, that that group in Kentucky are having sexual affairs amongst each other! Ask Mr. Justin Hart (Washington) and Bridgette Shaffer (Kentucky), using company cell phones to take explicit photos of each other and sending back and forth on company time with company electronics. What else, using donations to fund a year-long affair, by meeting each other on made up “business trips,” funded by of course, donations. Just ask anyone down at Kentucky in the plant. It’s so messed up, and how employees are promoted based on looks and sexual advances. Again, just ask.
  24. While I was exploring the Internet today I came across the following story. One might believe it was an old story, yet it is loaded with current info!!! One will be amazed at what has transpired this year, last year and for the past 15 years when it concerns the Veterans Administration and the VA healthcare throughout our nation.

    I was amazed, insulted and I had to read many of the stories brought to light this month and going back to????

    I hope any and all who go to this website read the stories (18 pages of stories to click into) posted at this website.

  25. Here’s an article just out on Channel 9 WFTV:

    9 Investigates veteran’s battle with VA over breast cancer treatment

    This is the newest ‘negative report’ to come out concerning the VA here in Florida.

    Just yesterday (2/16/2015) on the same channel, Sen. Bill Nelson spoke on his concerns over the VA not doing their job protecting veterans from over paying to much to get an education from for-profit colleges and universities here in Florida.

    These negative reports keep coming since the VA has gotten into so much trouble over the past few years. In Florida, a former Marine shot himself at the Lake Baldwin (Orlando) Fl. VA late last year, another ‘former Marine was accidentally locked in the VAOC, Orange City, Fl. around the same time. Another veteran shot himself at the Kissimmee VAOC last year (he didn’t die, thank GOD). Our VA Hospital (Lake Nona) FL. is more than $400 million over-budget and no one can truthfully give a date when it will be completed!

    Now, can someone please inform me as to what the hell is going on???? When is Mr. McDonald going to do something? Here in Florida, as in the rest of these United States, the VA IS BROKEN! In my opinion, one cannot fix stupid—so shut it down and let the VETERANS use outside PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS!

  26. Talk about greed at Cold Spring, Ky.

    DAV National sent a letter to a friend of mine wanting MORE money. They say he can make payments to become a ‘Life Member’!

    Here’s the funny part. He has been a Life Member for over 20 years. Back in 2011 or 2012 he had to straighten National out on the FUBAR they had done again. This will be the 3rd time National screwed up!!!! I guess National needs MORE money.

  27. The VA hospital has failed me several times in the past, even refusing to see or treat me in Lawrenceville, GA.

    However my largest concern was with the VA Board of Appeals, of whom delayed my case seven (7) years attempting to intimidate me and make me quit. Jesus was my strength. However, I wrote VA Secretary McDonald on what took the VA Board of Appeals seven (7) years to fix. McDonald had them complete it within several weeks, and then to continue the intimidation which I fed off of, the letter only passed on of seven (injuries) extended for over three (3) months, McDonald had them complete it within 24 hours.

    VA Secretary McDonald is the greatest selection that President Obama has confirmed. I thank and praise God for a man that has the love of God and Jesus for the Veteran, and is out walking the streets making sure they are warm and supplying clothes and winter coats. He is in the same footsteps that Jesus took for the poor.

    We must abate the VA Board as we know it. The Board for Disabilities must be represented by those that are disabled to have the heart and understanding for the disabled veteran.

    I am starting a blog with the power of all indigenous veterans to revoke the VA Board of Appeals as we know it and its functions. They all are no-good liars, cheats, and a mafiatic agency that is no good for the veterans.

    Continue to pray my strength and protection in Jesus name.

    I will conclude with Proverbs 3:5-7:

    “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.”

    I pray that God by Jesus through HIS Holy Spirit bless all my fellow veterans.

    Walter W. Walker

    • Alabama Disabled Veteran:

      Mr. Walker, how about informing us as to how to pull-up your blog. It might help the many who feel as you do.

      Thanks and God Bless

  28. Here’s another fact which was reported on the news.

    In Florida, during the fiscal year Oct 2013-Oct 2014, “over $320+ million was paid out by the VA for medical malpractice suits.”

    This was reported by many of the news stations late last year.

    This should also be another wake-up call for the VA and especially for the new director, Mr. McDonald, in my opinion. I also believe the new director should come to Florida and find out why physicians are making these incompetent blunders.

    I also believe, which I have stated before, All veterans organizations should utilize some of the millions of dollars in their coffers to sue the VA. This might, as it did in West Los Angeles, bring some form of accountability to the VA!

    There are so many horror stories the vets have stated throughout the past decades, something has got to give!!!! Until this broken system is repaired completely, many vets are never going to trust the VA. So, in my opinion, if Mr. McDonald really is sincere, and serious, in wanting to bring change, then I believe he should go on 60 minutes, 20/20, or other such programs, and tell the public the “who, what, why, when, where and how,” he fired incompetent individuals across this nation. In other words, bring it out to the taxpaying public.

    What do all on here think about this???

  29. I am a retired Construction and Real Estate Developer executive. I receive weekly, and have for the last 50+ years, the “Bible” for the industry, Engineering News-Record. For the last year they have been intermittently writing about the waste, over-runs and mismanagement of VA Hospitals under construction and managed by VA personnel. Two weeks ago, they reported that three VA Hospitals under construction were collectively over $5 billion and seven years behind schedule. Congress finally stepped in and had the Corps of Engineers take over all VA construction projects underway, or in the planning stages. Their headline says it all: “THEY CAN’T SEEM TO MANAGE VET HEALTHCARE, BUT THOUGHT THEY COULD MANAGE CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!”

    Of course the DAV boys in Coldspring, Ky. support the VA and never take them to task for this. “BIRDS OF A FEATHER!!!”


    • Unguided missile:

      I put a comment on here on 2/13/15 and gave three websites to visit. They are straightforward in language and show where the VA health care system IS broken, STILL!

      FYI, the Corps of Engineers is not doing anything here at the Lake Nona VA (Orlando, Fl.) hospital that is more than $400 million over budget and no one can give a date when it will be completed. Last year the VAOC at Lake Baldwin (also in Orlando, Fl., where the old Navy Base was) moved 200 patients to the Lake Nona VA hospital and 100+ vets came down with an illness because no one checked the water. How’s that for stupidity!!!

      I agree, sir, the VA needs a complete overhaul. According to the GAO, the four VA hospitals being built are only $1.5 billion over budget. Is this true, or is your “bible”? In my opinion, The taxpayers should be angry as hell over either amount!

      From my info, the four VA hospitals being built are:

      1. Lake Nona, Florida outside Orlando
      2. Peoria, Ill.
      3. LA, Calif.
      I’m not sure where the 4th is located. Would you let me know where the 4th is at?

      Sir please scroll down and pull up the three websites I have furnished to all.

      I would also ask this: Do you think the VA and DAV monitor this site? If they do, maybe they can learn something from it!!! At least I would hope so!

      • The VA Hospital in Aurora, Colorado is, by itself, more than $3 billion over budget. The contractor team walked off the job over non-payment of extras until a federal judge ordered the VA to pay them.

        The VA currently has seven hospitals either under new construction or under renovation. If you want more info, go to Engineering News-Record, part of Mcgraw-Hill, and you may be able to download the last article I referred to.

        Your list of 3 does not include at least three to four major hospital renovations also under construction.

        Since the Corps of Engineers just took over (within the last 30 days by order of the Congress), it might be a while before their name appears on your Florida hospital.

        Unguided Missile

        • Thank you, I will check that out.

          There is one question:

          Does New Jersey ever hear what’s going on in other states?

          Many times when I talk with my “brother” in Peoria, Ill., he informs me of things we, here in Florida, never receive! It’s as though the news media is being censored!

          Do you, and others, feel that way?

  30. VA and Community Partners Release West Los Angeles Homeless Plan

    Website has a formal letter that was sent to my email. On the bottom of the page is a link to a PDF 22 pages long on how they are going to “resolve the homelessness of Veterans in Calif. and beyond.”

    But for now they are concentrating on L.A. area.

    I believe it’s because of the scandal on their VA having the apartment where the higher-ups was using for their own purpose.

  31. Listed below is an exact copy of a letter of resignation that the former New Jersey State Department Commander sent to National.

    About 2 1/2 years ago he was about to bring Article 16 charges against the 1st National Vice Commander and her stooges for illegally removing state money from our treasury for her personal use. When Wilson got wind of this, he suspended the entire State Charter and then brought Article 16 charges (trumped-up) against the State Commander. They kept him suspended for 2 1/2 years, and finally last June his Article 16 hearing was held. He was found not guilty. However Burgess and crew didn’t like the situation and demanded that he be retried this coming February before the NEC.

    January 25, 2015
    Adjutant Marc Burgess
    Disabled American Veterans
    P.O. 14301 Cincinnati Ohio

    I find the national Commander, Adjutant and Judge Advocate, in violation of their oath:

    “In the presence of Almighty God, and my comrades here assembled, I promise and declare that I will always uphold and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States of America”

    It is with the utmost pride that I tend my resignation to the Disabled American Veterans.

    After speaking to the National Adjutant, who informed me that all of the other PAID STAFF WERE AFRAID TO CALL ME to discuss questions about a proposed second Article 16 against me, the first held by the Dept. of New Jersey, in which I was found not guilty, with the National Judge Advocate present. After the proceedings he was asked if anything was done wrong he told us “NO.”

    I think the most interesting thing I learned from the Adjutant was the fact that an organization that purports to declare that they will always uphold and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, but refuses to apply the Constitution of the United States to its Members, in this case double jeopardy protection, confounds me.

    I have met many unpaid members and respect their true CHARITABLE WORKS on behalf of all veterans. I recognize that the exorbitant amount of money paid and supplied to those on the National level has created a group that is out of touch with the majority of its Members. I think the term that best describes your affluent circle is “elitist,” others may say the 1%.

    I will continue my help for all veterans while steering them away from the DAV as well as all contributions to the National group.

    • To New Jersey Disabled Vet:

      I wonder if DAV National will admit to this letter!? It is well known veteran and non-veteran organizations (non-profits) refuse to let ‘negative information’ out to the public!

      So, to any DAV National executive, if you are monitoring this website, have the guts to reveal what truly happened in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin and many other states where Chapter Members had been threatened and their buildings and funds taken in an unscrupulous manner!

      My guess is you will state a resounding “NO”!!!

    • To the New Jersey Disabled Veteran:

      Is there any way possible to get the former New Jersey State Commander’s letter published in a large reputable newspaper? If so, it may bolster the concerns of many veterans. It may also get the desired affect against the DAV, especially if this website is referenced.

      There are many websites on DAV Reform which would bolster all claims against the DAV Organization located in the State Departments, but also at the National level in Cold Spring, Ky.

      Thank You

    • Here are three websites to visit. They are self explanatory in nature concerning the Veterans Administration.

      VA blames land-use fiasco on retired bureaucrats, plans new 10-month study

      GAO Adds IT Acquisitions and Operations and VA Health Care to Latest High Risk List

      Veterans Affairs and federal IT at high risk for fraud and waste

      Yesterday, President Obama signed PTSD legislation, where the VA is now ordered to use other forms of treatment instead of just “handing out drugs to combat PTSD”! Whether or not the VA complies with this new law, is yet to be seen!

      In my opinion, the multi-million dollar Veteran Organizations should be outraged at these new “facts” that have come to light. There IS fraud in the VA. This has been proven time and time again. Whenever someone can use his/her power to gain monetarily, they will. It’s just human nature to do so! Especially if he/she believes it can be gotten away with!!!!

      But again sooner or later everything comes into the light!!!!!!!

  32. Has anybody noticed that in the latest DAV propaganda rag just out, on Page 28 thru page 31 they tell the story of a Maine Chapter that along with the local officials set up a program to aid homeless vets? NO WHERE DOES IT MENTION DAV NATIONALS PARTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If the National scum really cared about homeless vets, why not take $200 Million of their $400 million + net worth and give it to each state (about $4,000,000 each on average) for a nationwide homeless vet program?

    That would mean they would all have to take drastic cuts in salaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Instead they they spend millions flying their B-26 bomber all over the country and sponsoring NASCAR races so they can suck in the unknowing public to donate money to them so they can feed their greedy bellies.

    How come while we must get a 1.7% increase in our VA disability payments, they take 15-25% yearly salary increases? If they really cared for us they would fight for larger VA increases or at the very least take the same COLA we get.


  33. I don’t think the DAV does anything for veterans. At least they haven’t done anything for me. I am, like most who have posted on here, a disabled veteran. I am unable to hold a “normal” job because of the injury/disability I incurred while on active duty. For 13 years now I have been fighting the VA to get fair compensation. I have blindly used the DAV as my representatives only to continue to get screwed over.

    The last person I spoke to at the DAV actually threatened to have what little disability I receive revoked because I dared to ask what they actually do for me. I asked him if there were any other resources out there for me to increase my chances of being fairly compensated. He told me that I can go get representation from elsewhere if I want, but then I would be dropped by DAV. I feel this was a scare tactic to keep me working with them.

    I have put 100s of hours into volunteering with the VFW. I feel the VFW actually cares about veterans, unlike the DAV.

  34. I am the Adjutant of the local chapter of the DAV and I was under the impression that the National Commander received no compensation for his/her position. I would like more information about what is going on at the top of DAV.
    • There are many websites for you to click onto right here on DAV Reform. Many, including myself, have posted informational web pages (including news articles) for you to find out exactly what the DAV has been up to! Check it out!

      I hope this helps.

    • You are correct, they don’t get a pay as they say. But they do get a large stipend, and when they leave office as the past commander, they get to become the finance chairman which gives a pay of over $110,000 as a thank you. Just read the 990 online and that’s not everyone just some. Most jobs at National level don’t even go to disabled veterans. Hell, the company that does all the fundraising for us and we spend millions with aren’t disabled veterans. Get the information off of the 990 online and look up the company. It will open up your eyes!!! We do need to take back our organization like this group did in the 90s and give it back to the disabled veterans and not some big company using our name only.
      • 2012 DAV National Commander Larry A. Polzin was awarded a $14,583 per month travel allowance, $175,000 per year, although the DAV, which is supported from donations, still pays for his travel. Polzin’s income doesn’t take into account the over $12,000 in compensation he received in 2011 for “serving” on the DAV Board of Directors for a mere five hours per week.
  35. Your organization was brought to my attention by AFP.

    I’m a life member from back in the 60s and honorably discharged Navy submariner.

    I contribute virtually monthly to DAV, as it is one of my highest respected organizations . . . until now!

    I am shocked at what I have read about the financial abuse of its top brass.

    Count me in as one of your new members.

  36. This article by Stars and Stripes explains what is occurring nationwide in the VA! So why don’t the veterans organizations help in doing what is right? That is, getting VA employees fired who commit such atrocities! It seems, in my opinion, no one cares! Now is the time to take action against the VA with a class-action lawsuit (or maybe many lawsuits by the families of veterans). Someone out there has to know someone who can help bring justice to our veterans?!

    Also, to the few on here who want to argue, please stop and look at what needs to be done! That’s all I have to say at this time.


    What hole have you crawled into, or are you hiding under a rock, like a snail? Look at the videos from YouTube at the top right of this page. Great organization you represent. The former State Commander was suspended by Wilson’s gang 2 1/2 years ago because be was about to suspend Wilson’s Bitch Mary Bencivenga, who was the 2nd Vice Commander, for illegally withdrawing State funds into her own personal reelection account. When we spread the word at the National Convention, Wilson was forced to have her name removed from the ballot.

    Last June, an Article 16 hearing against the former Commander was held. He was found not guilty by the State’s Blue Hats. Adjutant Burgeress and Herr Hartmann didn’t like the verdict, overturned it, and ordered that he stand trial before the NEC in February 2015 at the Winter Convention. When he appealed to Herr Hartmann that the U.S. Constitution does not allow DOUBLE JEOPARDY, Herr Hartmann informed him that the DAV does not follow or have to abide by the U.S. Constitution.



    • I was ignoring you and I will continue to do so.

      You stated that you killed women and children. I assumed during Vietnam, but as you have pointed out you weren’t there. So you’re not a combat veteran, you’re an attention-seeking murderer.

      Even though your illness is not military related, I am glad that you have it. I hope it really is as painful as you say it is, in fact I hope it’s worse and I hope that you live a long, long, long and very painful rest of your life.

      You can get on here all you want and rant about an organization that’s helping veterans, even a sorry sack of shit like you.


        Now I know you really can’t read and understand, or comprehend. I never said I killed women, babies and children. I asked if that’s what you did in Vietnam.

        SCHMUCK, do you even know what a BLACK BOX operation was about? I am restricted from telling anyone where I was and what i did.

        My illness is not military related?! How did you come up that, you stupid moron? The VA would not have given me a 100% Unemployable Disability rating if it was not from my military service. WHAT IS YOUR RATING?????

        I’m 72 and have had 27 operations, and will undergo my 28th on January 15th. I will live a long painful life because I don’t take painkillers. My 100% Disability rating goes back 21 years. You know that anyone who served in a combat theater can be called a combat veteran? Clerks, drivers, cooks, and the like all are called combat veterans. Even you, who shot himself in the foot, can call yourself a wounded combat veteran. The only combatants I killed were armed men on the enemy’s side.

        You claim you don’t work for the DAV, yet you claim that you know that these “WHINNY ASS VETERANS” as you call them, are phonies. How could you know so much? DO YOU WORK FOR THE VA? Are you that little prick behind the desk with the BIG DENIAL STAMP you place on each vet’s request for compensation? Or do you hangout in the MENS room at VA hospitals, spying and covertly listening to other vets talk?

        DON’T worry. You keep answering me, and I’ll keep answering you. LETS SEE WHO BLINKS FIRST!!!!!!!!!


        • A “Black Box” operation is one in which a classified piece of avionics is recovered from an aircraft that is down in an area where it may be recovered by hostile forces. There was one time this happened and it is UNCLASSIFIED. It was during one of the SOG/Special Forces “Blackjack” operations.

          You, sir are a fraud and a phony. You have been reported to websites of REAL Special Operations personnel who professionally expose frauds like you. They will be able to find out who you are behind your Internet persona (they’ve done it before) and will make sure you get all the publicity you deserve.

          Sleep well.

          • Well, Mr. Unguided Loser?

            So…you are “restricted” from telling anyone where you were at on the “BLACK BOX” mission you were on? Seems to me that if it were that restricted, you wouldn’t even mention you were ON such a “mission!”

            You (and now WE) have the truth.

    • I have a question. How come ALL veteran organizations are not outraged that “22 veterans commit suicide daily”? Why haven’t these multimillion dollar organizations committing to helping the vets? Instead of letting the VA get away with the same shit every day?

      Here in Florida, a vet went to the Lake Baldwin (Orlando) VA outpatient clinic last month. For some unknown reason, he went to his vehicle, pulled out a weapon and ended his life! Why, no one knows! But here is the kicker—the VA in Orlando “categorically denies” that it happened! It was on Channel 9 and Fox news, people!

      So, why don’t these organizations sue the VA on behalf of the families for malpractice and other medical/administrative incompetence? Maybe then the VA will do the right thing! Maybe then Mr. McDonald will understand the VA is still broken! Remember this, people usually listen when their wallets gets thin!

      So, to you VSOs out there. How about doing a better job for our vets! Get ALL the National and State Departments on a real mission and quit fighting amongst yourselves! These veterans need better care (both medical and administrative) than what they’re getting now!!!!

      So, what do all you out there think?

    • Do we really need to put people down to get our point across? We are all veterans, so everyone stop acting like big bitches and that you know more or better than everyone else and lets get the job done.

    How many babies and women did you kill in Vietnam? I did not pay to have my first book published which is non-fiction.

    By the way, the State of Illinois still ranks the last in the amount per average of money per disabled veteran paid. You’ve been last for the past 15 years. I guess it’s because of pri*ks like you not processing claims which you decide are not legitimate.



    • You should know better than to kill women and children; that’s not right. I would never kill women and babies.

      Who died and made you judge, jury and executioner? A real Vietnam veteran would never say something like that, and nobody thinks you’re cool for it.

      Maybe we would have won Vietnam if we had focused on the enemy and not women and children, if that is in fact what you did on your “Black Box Missions.”

      I’m done commenting on anything you have to say.


      Obviously you claim to know so much about VETS and their claims, but you refuse to admit the obvious, that you are a DAV NSO.

      If you can really not only read, but understand what you are reading, I received my medical discharge in 1960, before the Vietnam era. I was never in Vietnam. My Black Box operation where I got my incurable nerve disease occurred being illegally in another Asian country, and had nothing to do to Vietnam.

      You claim to be a combat-wounded vet. DID YOU SHOOT YOURSELF DURING COMBAT TO GET A TICKET HOME? Maybe you suffer from PSTD and only think you were wounded. A piece of sh*t like you who is unsympathetic, non-caring, makes you lower than whale scum.


      P.S.: My first book has sold over 4,300 copies. However, an idiot like you who can barely read, would not comprehend or understand it.

      • I’ll bet he didn’t have to lie about his service like your so-called “black box” operation.

        Ever hear of “Stolen Valor” Mr. Unguided?

        I suggest you stay under your rock before you get more publicity than you ever wanted for your lies.

      • Unguided…

        You are NOT a Combat veteran.
        You did NOT go an any secret “BLACK BOX” operations.
        You have NEVER told the truth.

        You HAVE spit on every honest veteran with your diatribes.
        You HAVE falsely made yourself out to be a combat veteran when you are NOT.

        Loudmouths like you were always the first to talk big and then come up with some “reason” why the couldn’t deploy.

        Yes…We HAVE proof you are a LIAR

  39. I am a member of the DAV for the last 17 years. I am extremely unhappy with the Boston, Mass. office. I am a Korean War Veteran. I am 100% service-connected disabled and confined to a wheelchair. My Service Officer is constantly changing. I’ve had about six of them in the last seven years. I am being IGNORED by the Boston Office. NOBODY is willing to help me with my case! No one comes for home visits or even bothers to return my phone calls. It is difficult for me to travel to the Boston Office. My health problems and the time and distance for the appointment is a burden. I thought that the purpose of the Disabled American Veteran’s organization was to HELP its members. We should be treated as the primary reason the Service Officers have jobs, not viewed as distractions from their jobs. I would at least like the courtesy of a return phone call. My phone # is (508) 757-0375.


    Michael Ruggieri, Worcester, Mass.


      Shame on you for calling fellow VETS “Liars and Cheats Who Steal.” I suggest you look in the mirror and you will see the real LIAR and CHEAT WHO STEALS!!!! How dare you attack fellow vets. You should resign immediately. Obviously you do not have the sensitivity and compassion one needs to deal with his fellow vet.

      In New Jersey, the VA has a motto, “DENY DENY, UNTIL YOU DIE, DIE DIE.” I guess in Illinois, you follow the same credo.

      Without the DAV’s help, as I was not a member yet, I fought the VA for eight years before I got my 100% Unemployable and Disabled rating. For you to out-of-hand reject a veteran’s claim without submitting it to the VA, is criminal on your part. You should put your head between your legs and walk backwards. You are the REAL LIAR and CHEAT.


      • I’m glad this got under your skin, Mr. Unguided Missile. Unemployable, huh?? I should have known that’s what your rating was for, anyway you’re sitting at home everyday jerking off at the government’s expense making false accusations as usual because you have nothing better to do than try and destroy an organization that helped your sorry ass get 100%. You are part of the problem, you and all the rest of the sick call rangers and FOBITS, and career claim-ist.

        I don’t work for the DAV but they did help me get my claims approved for disabilities that I actually sustained in combat. My observations are made on a direct basis daily with the veterans I speak of. I catch them in lies everyday. Kids 22, 23, 24 years old, inactive guard or reserves, with a couple months on active duty claiming 30 different things, getting IU and social security disability because they got PTSD sitting on a FOB eating pizza for a few months or the drill sergeant yelled and now they have severe depression.

        Like it or not, there are “veterans” out there that make the rest of us look bad, and I don’t want to be associated with them. Same reason real men didn’t go on sick call, because you didn’t want to be associated with the shit bags that lived on sick call.

        I don’t care if you agree with my opinion or not, however I can only assume that if you don’t agree you’re one of the habitual liars, otherwise you wouldn’t have took offense. I’m glad it hit home for you. Real veterans despise the fakers, whiners, and losers.


          First off, I did not join the DAV until after I got my 100% disability. I fought the VA by myself, you idiot.

          Second off, my 100% Disability and Unemployable is from both the VA and Social Security.

          Third off, I got my incurable nerve disease which has spread throughout my body and bone dysfunctions from a “BLACK BOX OPERATION” I was a part of in 1960. For years I wrote a monthly newsletter for the N.J. State DAV. There is no cure for me, having undergone 27 operations since 1999. I live in pain everyday and walk with a Rollator and braces on my feet.

          I do not sit home and “jerk off,” you idiot. I can’t stand without pain. I am a published author and just finished my second book.

          Before you shoot your stupid mouth off, know your opponent!!!!!!!!

          I am called the “UNGUIDED MISSILE” by National because I helped take down several of the N.J. State Department animals including a former 15-year State Adjutant and Treasurer who looted the State coffers for over $2,000,000 during his 15 years in power. National knew he was a crook, but Wilson liked him, and did nothing. When I went to the Feds, Wilson had to back off. What’s your claim to fame, NSO? I guess it’s DENY, DENY, DENY, UNTIL YOU DIE, DIE, DIE!

          The Unguided Missile

          • I don’t need fame; I’m not an attention seeker. If you were such a bad ass in the military you wouldn’t have had to spend eight years trying to convince the VA that your disability was caused by service. My guess is it wasn’t and, if it’s as bad as you say, why didn’t they grant a 100% instead of having to do IU?

            You’re a joke and all you do is cause problems. You’re upset because the truth hurts and you aren’t used to hearing it. Anybody can publish a book if they have enough money to pay the publisher, so that also means nothing, and just because you write a book that doesn’t make it true.

            There are some bad eggs in the DAV (such as yourself) but it doesn’t make the entire organization bad. It just means we have some special children that need a little more attention than others, and when they don’t get it they pout and suck their thumb, and write books and make accusations LOL.

      • Hey UNGUIDED!

        Lying is a character trait you have mastered! You are as fake as your “Black Box” operation that you continually brag about and fall back on, but are precluded from talking about! You are the REAL liar in this forum and should put YOUR head between your legs and walk backwards!

      • Come on “Unguided Missile.” Why don’t you prove (HAH!) that you aren’t one of the “Liars and Cheats Who Steal?”

        Simple…because you CAN’T!

        You are a Stolen Valor Wannabe!

  40. The problem is not with the NSOs, the problem is with whiny-ass veterans who complain about everything. They claim stuff they don’t have and are not entitled to, they lie cheat and steal to try to get benefits they’re not owed. They will stoop to any level including falsely claiming sexual assault. It’s not just the young ones because the guys in their 60s, 70s and 80s are just as bad. They claim all this crap and then when it’s denied, they blame it on the service officer. The number of veterans doing this is constantly increasing to the point nobody even cares anymore, the VA automatically assumes the veterans are liars, and when veterans really deserving and needing the benefits can’t get them. Money, Money, Money; it’s never enough. You’re on here talking about aid and attendance. If you knew what it was and truly needed it, you wouldn’t be on here crying about it. And yeah, sometimes you get it granted at the BVA or the CVA on a technicality or just to shut you up, but then again that makes you part of the problem. You constant whiners sit at home and complain about guys still trying to work for a living, trying to get them in trouble because they hurt your delicate feelings when they recited the law and told you why you didn’t qualify to “earn” the benefit. Not all veterans are like this, but for the most part, integrity is out the window.

    • Illinois Disabled Veteran:

      You write like an VSO/NSO (my guess is you are one). How else would you know anything about whining ass veterans and what they are requesting or complaining about.

      Recommend you read, learn, and fully understand Title 38 Chapter 1 Part 4 Subpart A and the right for any veteran to file a claim they BELIEVE they qualify for and be treated fairly. Being a disabled veteran, your assessment is grossly clouded and pathetic.

      The VA/DAV are organizations that have no integrity and practice organized crime. Try researching them for being model organizations to follow when it comes to ethics and integrity.

      I’m sure all veterans in the State of Illinois appreciate you speaking on their behalf.

      • AMEN! Finally someone who states to all: check out the DAV!

        I myself have given many websites on here for everyone to check out. If one is not informed, it is their mistake. Remember, “knowledge is power”!

    • After reading all of Illinois Disabled Vet’s diatribe and words of wisdom to Unguided Missile, I have come to the conclusion the Mr. Ill Vet is just trying to stir the shit pot. You are a new Military Puke that has no Idea nor respect for the Men and Women that wore the uniform before you. They stepped up to the plate for your dumb ass and went through hell so that you could claim your ingrown toe nail that happened because your boots were not designer made. Ill Vet you need to shut your sh*t hole and listen. The VA is a joke, the DAV is a joke, and we as VETS need to hold them accountable for there actions.

      P.S. The reason I know that you are just out of Initial Training is because of the Acronyms that you used. Grow up.

  41. In my pursuit of Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), I had an insulting and demoralizing experience with VSO Donald F. Horton of the Boston office. Due to this I become very wary of the DAV, and my trust greatly diminished generally in them, and I chose to personally request my case be examined for NEW and REOPENED compensation assessment. All documentation was submitted and a C&P exam followed months later.

    On Saturday, I received an Approval Notification and now feel freer to express my feelings to other vets. I sadly believe that Horton’s attitude must permeate that office, and might be part of the this generation’s DAV.

    I am open to hearing any feedback from that DAV office they wish to give me; they are welcome to review that file which they have on hand.

    Higher-ups, look into this person, get his feet off his desk, and show him the door.

    Rich Lorman, out.

    • It isn’t just there where you’ll find people like him! There are people like him all across this nation. We had a DAV rep here in Florida who bragged about how many vets he helped get their ‘benefits’ denied.

      It’s a shame, but it happens! That’s why fewer vets are joining and/or using the DAV for anything.

      I’m glad you finally received the compensation you deserve!

      • FYI, on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, Dr. Oz’s first segment (15-20 minutes) was about the FDA wanting to approve the spraying of our (food) crops with the chemical 2, 4, D. Dr. Oz stated, this “…was one of the two chemicals used in Agent Orange.”

        On his website he has a petition he wants to send to the President, calling for him to STOP the FDA’s approval of this ‘act’!

        My wife has signed it. I hope, and pray, this word gets out so the President receives a petition with millions of signatures, not just thousands!

        Please DAV Reform, get this message out to all you can. Because, in my opinion, ALL veterans organizations need to work together on this issue.

        I have contacted my VFW Leg. Rep. and informed him of this issue. I hope he can help!

        There was more to his program. Please go to his webpage.

    • The DAV did not help me either. I’m 100% combat disabled. When I fell and broke both ankles the Salem VAMC ER sent me home with one post op shoe. They later called me to place both feet in casts. The Salem VAMC refused to give me a wheelchair, first saying they didn’t have and then said they would not provide unless I came to them to pick up. I could not walk, had to crawl, and no transportation. I wrote and called everyone. The DAV just said I should contact the Salem VAMC. I have letters from the Salem Director and the VISN 6 Director stating its their policy not to provide if vet unable to come in. Yet they have a DME Contractor to do just this in veterans’ homes. No one cared and DAV just did nothing.

    • Massachusetts:

      Seven years ago I wrote to Emperor Wilson to complain about the education the NSOs were getting. Previous to Wilson, NSO candidates were sent to school for nine months before becoming full-fledged NSOs. Wilson, to save money, (maybe so he and his buddies could increase their personal compensation) changed it to OJT (On-the-Job-Training). Once this happened, the quality of the NSOs went down. Another problem was the pay scale. They paid NSOs the same pay all over the country. In New Jersey, the NSOs became a revolving door. The $32,000 per year salary may have been good for Podunk, Iowa, but an NSO in the New York Metropolitan area could not survive. We had seven different NSOs in less than two years because after being transferred here, they could not afford the cost of living here. Of course, Emperor Wilson ignored my requests.

  42. Perhaps you should volunteer your time to help your local DAV Chapter.

    Nobody gets a paycheck. They are volunteers who serve hours to try to assist veterans.

    If you can do better, then volunteer.

  43. I cannot believe what has happened to the once great Department of Florida.

    Well, actually the writing was on the wall last year when the Department Convention turned into a hate-fest aimed at one of the best NSOs the DAV has ever had! Yeah, that is right. Last year at the Department Convention because an NSO tried to exercise both his Constitutional (and his Chapter’s) right to speak out against an issue that was believed to be NOT in the best interest of the Department he was vehemently attacked by those who claimed to be righteous; yes, he was attacked not on the issue. Later I found out that National’s leaders fired him because he DARED to speak the truth and DARED to exercise his Constitutional Right to speak his mind in a cogent and calm manner; yet, no one else was calm or polite towards him.

    Enter the Department of Florida 2014 Convention and another travesty! Since the possible line of officers could have an individual that may have “someone of color” on it for 2014-2015 in steps the National Area Supervisor and St. Petersburg National Service Office Supervisor Andy Marshall who has jumped all of the junior officer positions to become the Department of Florida Commander! Hmmmmm, seems like someone or a group of someones do not want Mr. Bobby Parker to be Department Commander because of his ethnicity (can we say discrimination?), this is clearly a repeat of what happened in a prior year, Mr. Parker was dumped off of the line because the power players (Dennis Joyner, Jim Sursley, Andy Marshall and even Al Linden) did not want Mr. Parker as Commander because of the image it would project!

    DAV talks a lot about equality “crap” but in the long run is still a white man’s club! DAV is also still a “do as I say” club. Someone needs to do a complete audit on the DAV at both the National level and the Department (state) level, to include ALL of the “hidden” accounts (and yes they DO have hidden or at least those accounts that are not easily found) and then release these findings to the public. Once that is done, this supposedly great “service organization” will be found out for what it really is: a true scam, one that has been perpetrated on a “generous nation” for nearly a century!

    But getting back to the new Florida Department Commander. I would think that it is, at least, a conflict of interest for someone of Mr. Marshall’s standing in DAV (as a National Area Supervisor and St. Petersburg National Service Office Supervisor) to be a Department Commander; especially since he is being paid by the national organization and will be eligible to receive travel pay, incentives and use the Department Commander’s vehicle for travel (which includes travel pay and reimbursement for gas) to be elected to and hold this position.

    Just another indication of the corruption of this organization!

  44. There is an old saying: “YOU DON’T KNOW MY PAIN IF YOU HAVEN’T WALKED IN MY SHOES!!”

    It is apparent that the “COLD SPRING ELITE” are not 100% DISABLED, UNEMPLOYABLE VETS, or they could not get those disgusting salaries that they pull down! The question remains, are they even disabled? While we know past National Commanders have been 100% disabled, the question still remains, are the ELITE even disabled at all?

    In the State of New Jersey they have accepted individuals who are not even 10% disabled, and in at least three cases, they have not even been veterans. However, their ever-present greed consumes them, and anyone who applies and pays the money becomes a Member. I naively thought that to be a Member, one had to be at least 10% disabled.

    BUT NO! The Boys in Cold Spring will accept anyone who can pay the Fee!

    I wrote to them several times giving them the names of the individuals who were not disabled or in fact hadn’t served in the military. They just ignored it. Shouldn’t one who applies have at least a DD214?

    I wonder if any of the clowns and parasites working in Cold Spring are even veterans, let alone even 10% disabled. Since they obviously have no shame, I guess they could care less.

    However the next time you read in their magazine that “THEY FEEL THE PAIN OF US DISABLED VETS,” you will know they are full of shit!!!!!!!!


    • Here in Florida a young man was being threatened with a lawsuit for posting true statements about a business (Channel 9 news today). Needless to say, the business backed down when the young man HAD told the truth!

      So, in my opinion, if we who have posted the truth about the DAV here, then I want them to try and threaten us with legal action! Take us to court! Then we can see who is made to look like a fool!

      Many people, I believe, have not posted what has happened due to a lack of interest, tired of the lies or just plain tired! I hope more vets tell their side of what happened to their Chapters on this website. Let the world know what happened.

      Then we will win!

      • I’m a 40% disabled Vietnam Marine sergeant. 1ST Battalion 9th Marines Delta Company January 1968 – 69 +.

        My family and I live in poverty while Congress is treated like perfumed royalty. We did the fighting, bleeding, dying, and suffering for life.
        All these military organizations want are your dues and to play politics hobnobbing with the fat cats and bankers.

        It should be a crime for Congress and the government to make us beg for the scraps the government allows us to get by on. Congress hasn’t earned anything, the vet did. We should get the same salary/perks as Congress. We answered our country’s call even though our government lied us into Vietnam.

    • To set the record straight all you have to have is a disability rated. It does not have to be 10%; it could be 0%.

    • To set the record straight, all you have to have is a disability rated. It does not have to be 10%; it could be 0%.

    • This is for the Unguided Missile:

      For what ever reason you have it seems that you have nothing but hatred for the DAV. From your postings and I have read many you have made many statements against a lot of people past and present. Now it is time for you to show the facts. If Wilson has these house as you claim where are they (address please) all of those cars (address please) money that he has made from the DAV (bank statements from all banks).

      Kindly produce NOW.


        Obviously you can read because you take umbrage with my past comments. Why don’t you read the latest IRS Form 990. Did you notice over $86 million set-a-side for pensions? Obviously not being true disabled vets, your scummy bum friends in Cold Spring don’t get VA compensation, and of course unlike us true vets, they can’t live on Social Security also, so they need a nice nest egg to feather their nests when their wings get too tired to fly any more.

        As to the proof you seek, ask yourself, if we are full of shit about what we claim, why haven’t they taken us to court and sued us for liable and slander? If I was innocent I would sue, and so would you, I guess.

        MR. SOUTH CAROLINA: you are either like a deer caught in the headlights, or maybe you have been sucking on the DAV teat! Better yet, why don’t you write to them and ask them to publicly deny the charges. Until then, YOUR WORDS ARE JUST THAT, MEANINGLESS WORDS.

        The Unguided Missile

        • You are part of the problem in this country. For you to say “I would sue” is the typical answer for someone who only cares about money. You are probably just some piece of shit who was denied something and now you want to blame everybody else. If you are so mad because a “CEO” of a major company makes more money than you, why don’t you go out, get the education, and get a better job other than sitting on this site whining like a bitch.

          • The best part of POTUS Trump is going to be the 25% of federal worker scum that are saying they will quit.

            Reason to vote for him alone.

            Shovel ready job openings for veterans.

    • You are correct, DAV National doesn’t care if you’re even a vet, let alone a disabled veteran. All they want is the money.

      I always assumed you had to be a disabled veteran to belong to the DAV, hence the name. I have a video from the 2011 National Convention of Tony Baskerville stating all you have to do is say that you’re a veteran and that you have a disability of any kind and we’ll let you in. “We should believe what people say, period,” he said.

      I’m here to say that people do lie, unfortunately, but they do. If you say you’re a Member of the Disabled American Veterans, people assume you’re a disabled veteran. But it’s really just a play on words and all National wants is money for membership.

      I used to believe in the DAV, and yes they do a good job on getting people benefits, but if you’re letting people in who aren’t disabled, maybe we should change the name.

    • Hey, Unguided…

      Did you know that there is no protection on VA benefits that were obtained through “fraud or misrepresentation?” See: LYING!

      Did you use your made up “BLACK BOX” operation (that you are not supposed to talk about, according to you) to get your benefits? See: LYING!!

      I can just imagine your supposedly published books. Probably have to be listed under “fiction” because you sure as hell have a disconnect with truth. See: LYING!!!

  45. As Commander of a Tennessee Chapter, I have been asked about the salaries of people in executive positions at National Headquarters by Members of the Chapter. After being informed of this website, I decided to visit.

    As a Life Member of the DAV, I wish to join in this great endeavor to return the DAV to its Members and the implementation of a sound business model that doesn’t spend the majority of its income on running the business.

    As any good Commander of a Chapter should, I will keep my Members informed of what Veterans for DAV Reform are doing.

    If you have printed material you can send to me at my mailing address or digitally through my email, I will gladly post anything you may have on our Chapter Facebook page.

    • Sir, there are many websites for you to visit in this COMMENTS section. I sincerely hope you do so! The sites are from all over this great country, telling what DAV State and National have done to many Chapters! All one has to do is look, then ask from someone ‘in the know.’

      I would be happy to inform you of what happened to my Chapter. It was the same as what happened to “The Honorably Discharged Veterans of Sarasota, Fla.”! Look them up. They were originally called “The Veterans of WW1”! Then the DAV moved in.

      There is also a news rag called “The Veterans Post” here in Florida. The DAV tried to disgrace them—unsuccessfully I might add!

      Or my favorite was the DAV Chapter in Menomonie, Wisc. This one ended extremely poorly for State and National!

      Like I said, all one has to do is investigate them. As my father’s generation said, “Everything sooner or later ALWAYS sees the light of day—everything!

      I wish you luck, Tennessee Veteran!

    • You should resign as the Commander of the Chapter you belong to because you are obviously not very loyal to DAV.

  46. No problem with those in an executive position receiving a reasonable compensation/salary. Big problem with those receiving outrageous compensation. Even bigger problem is the effort put forth to keep compensation well-hidden from the public and membership. Need a ration of daylight in the executive offices, now.

    Gunner, 100% Combat Disabled, Life Member, Korea, Vietnam

  47. Of course the “upper crust” of the DAV—both State and National Officers—wants to visit the “land of sin and corruption,” Las Vegas. What would one expect from individuals like those at the top?

    Many, if not all of them, like you believe, want to “party”! I wonder how many will “visit” the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch outside the city limits?

    I hope these scumbags realize any monies they spend were coming from people believing the DAV was helping veterans! I would like a “reporter” to follow some of them to show the public what the DAV is really about!

    • I see that you’re pointing your finger using your assumptions as usual; you have no actual proof of anything you say.

      My question to you is, how do you know so much about Las Vegas? How do you know about the places outside the city limits? How do you know them by name? How do you know they are the type of places you say they are?

      Maybe you should focus on what you’re doing instead of speculating on what someone else is doing.

      • It’s easy to answer your questions, Alabama Veteran.

        There have been numerous TV programs concerning Nevada and the “legal houses of prostitution,” e.g., 20 /20, 60 Minutes, etc.

        So, who are you to say the upper crust of the DAV wouldn’t visit these places?

        I’m not saying they will, but they might.

        And more than not they WILL gamble, because it is Vegas! What else is there! I don’t believe all who go there will visit museums, the Hoover Dam or other such ‘attractions’!

        Let’s wait and see what comes out of this year’s DAV Convention. You never know what will be reported by the news media!

    • I have been to the Vegas Convention and had a very good time. I met with DAV from all over the country and exchanged many ideas. Some good and others not so good. I have been to Orlando, Chicago, Reno, Dallas and they all have one big thing in common: DAV people from all over getting together to learn and do something for our fellow veterans even if they are not DAV people.

      Try coming to a convention and see for yourself.

      • If the DAV was (is) such a great organization, then why don’t they force the VA into doing the following:

        Have the VA test for the following chemicals that were used in the dioxin Agent Orange.

        First is 2,4,-D (2,4, dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) and 2,4,5-T (2,4,5 trichlorophenoxyacetic acid)?

        The President was at the DAV Conference here in Florida. Why wasn’t that brought up then?

        The answer is simple- Go to these ‘sites’ and get informed:

        1.) VVA 862 Agent Orange

        2.) Agent Orange Spray Map

        Get informed people. Vietnam vets are dying at a faster rate than World War 2 vets. Why? We have more physically wrong with us too. Why?

        As far as Al Linden is concerned, in my opinion, he is a total liar.

        Look up the following:

        “The Honorable Discharged Veterans of Sarasota County” also DAV ‘Ex-posed” by the Veterans Post newspaper here in Florida.

        Did anyone out there hear about what happened in a Lake City, Fla. VFW Post? Seems a DAV Chapter was meeting there. The DAV wanted the building, so they changed the deed over to their name. When the VFW found out, a ‘law-suit’ was filed. Needless to say, the DAV lost!!!!

        There are more stories out there. All one has to do is look. As a matter of “historical fact” (as Al Linden likes to say), many of them are posted here on “DAV REFORM”!!!!!!

  48. Does anyone else see the irony in that the DAV has chosen to return to its roots, LAS VEGAS, “THE CITY OF SIN & GREED?”

    I guess they can feel right at home there, and with the monies they pull down, they can gamble and fornicate where “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS!”

    I do hope that Burgess, Johnston, Clay, Hartman, et al., only use “Homeless Vet Hookers” so that they can continue to claim that they support homeless vets.

    Boys, remember to bring your condoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. As a Life Member, I have felt this way for many years. It is not just the money.

    I thought the salaries for the higher ups should have been capped at a certain level. These guys turn into lifetime politicians. It seems as if it’s about the organization and their employees. The numbers don’t lie.

    I certainly couldn’t afford to attend a convention in some far off city.

  50. Each year I send $$ to DAV—wear my yellow ribbon daily—only a minor thing I can do for our soldiers.

    It is outrageous that officers would take such high pay. Yes, I realize that it takes $$$ to operate—but not over the top.

    How can we know it’s going where it is truly needed?? Does Wounded Warriors operate this way also??? I quit United Way for similar reasons.

    Thank you for your service. God Bless America.

  51. I have a question for Membership at DAV National (I believe they may be reading some, if not all, of these ‘posts’).

    There is a married couple living in Deltona, Florida I personally am acquainted with. The husband went into former Chapter 92 (Orange City, Fla.) and paid in cash for their “life membership” sometime in early 2010. Yet, National continues to send him bills wanting more money!

    This, in my opinion, is travesty! Here you have paid life members who National wants more money from, and there is no Chapter for them to frequent, as it was shut down in July, 2011. All members were put at-large due to the lies the Fla. State Dep’t told National. Then in March, 2013, the state of Florida made online gambling illegal. The State Dep’t (paid employees) then sold the building for half the value!

    There is more to this story than can be said here.

    There was a statement made by one of the State Dep’t Trustees I feel must be addressed! On April 13, 2011, Richard Tolfa stated at the ‘informational meeting’ that, “We (meaning the four Trustees) gave the man who was supposed to put in the lounge $30,000 to keep him from suing the DAV!”

    There have been a number of former Chapter 92 Members who have contacted that contractor over this issue. The contractor stated that “[He] never received a dime!” Now, ‘rumor’ has it, the trustees “paid him cash.” Does anyone out there see the flaw in this? Why would anyone pay cash? In my opinion, someone is not only lying, but has committed a tax fraud! If it’s the latter, why hasn’t anything been done?!

    Well, as my father’s generation said many times, “Everything in the dark will come into the light, one day!”

    Keep up the great work, DAV Reform! One day DAV will reap what they have sown!

  52. Does anyone out there have information on the following:

    1. About 40 years ago, a former DAV National Commander was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan. Does anyone remember his name and where he was from?

    2. More recently, a former DAV National Commander from the Carolinas was allegedly a former member of the White Supremacist group Posse Comitatus. Can anyone identify him?


  53. I just read something in the news today. Oh boy, seems like a disabled vet from the Cape Cod Chapter just got indicted for allegedly stealing over $125,000 from the DAV. Did anybody see this news article yet?

    Isn’t Massachusetts the home state of Arthur Wilson? If this has been going on for years, Arthur Wilson must have known about it or he turned a blind eye.

    Please try to get us some info on the fraud against the DAV in Mass. We need your help to further expose the criminal element within the DAV nationwide.

    Thanking you in advance

    • Can you give me the name of the news station or newspaper? Also, the name of the news article, so I can look it up on the computer. I also need the date of when it happened, please.


    • Wilson may actually be BLIND, DEAF, & STUPID. His motto is “HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL!

      In New Jersey in the mid-2000s, the State Treasurer, Charlie Carroll, was found to have misappropriated and stolen close to $2 million from the State Department. The former Commander of my Chapter, then #18, stole $500 thousand. What did Wilson do? In fact the Commander of #18 gave Wilson a $5,000 check to make everything go way. Because he did it in front of witnesses, Wilson supposedly ripped it up. However, the Commander was never Article 16ed or suspended. In fact when he died, was given a DAV-sanctioned funeral service!!!!!

      Many believe he was protecting the two crooks, Charlie Carroll and Dickie Ferraro. He hushed it up because if it became public knowledge, it might stop the public from donating to the DAV.

      So if you want to steal from the DAV, take care of the National Adjutant and he will cover it up.


      • Excuse me, but nothing was proven. In this country a man is innocent until proven guilty. It was a power move mostly by MB aka Mary bitch. She and her puppets want power and the blue hat. The only proof was lies from the bitch face.
      • You really should watch the name calling. What if the family saw how you speak of them? Are you sure you’re a veteran, or just a paper one placed here by Mary B.?

      • Many believe he was protecting the two crooks, Charlie Carroll and Dickie Ferraro. He hushed it up because if it became public knowledge, it might stop the public from donating to the DAV.

        You need to watch your words, fool. Labeling with no proof is criminal. If you are such a tough guy, post your name.

  54. In an attempt to save Mary Bencivenga, a then-Jr. Vice National Commander, hand-picked by Arthur Wilson to be the first female Commander of a military charity, and her companion, campaign manager, and member of the NEC, Joseph Harris, from being suspended and Article 16ed by the new New Jersey State Department Commander, Don Scholtes, for removing State funds for her personal use, and not submitting three years of receipts for money given her for her campaigns for State office, Wilson had his “HAND PUPPET,” the then-sitting National Commander, Donald Samuels, suspend the State’s Charter, and installed four hand-picked “HAND PUPPETS” as Trustees, to take over the State, and investigate “IRREGULARITIES” in the State, including HARRIS as a Trustee. “THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    GUESS WHAT? After 18 months, aside from shredding almost 30 boxes of incriminating evidence, spending large sums of State money on lodging and travel, they found nothing, and finally agreed to hold new elections on October 27, 2013.

    In order to make sure Commander Scholtes was not re-elected, they suspended him on trumped-up charges so he couldn’t run again, without ever calling on him at their stacked Grievance Committee hearing to testify and rebuke the charges. Then, fearing that Dave Gahary, an outspoken critic of National, would be elected the new State Commander, they suspended him on vague Article 19 charges on October 24, 2013, claiming that his views are against DAV policy, because he works as a writer for a newspaper they consider to be a “Hate Group,” based on an opinion of another group.


    Where was their outrage when about 40 years ago, they elected as Commander, I am told, a Southerner who was a card-carrying member of the KU KLUX KLAN?!

    What is their explanation that they have never had a Jewish or Muslim National Commander? It’s OK to take Jew’s (I am a Jew) money as donators (See page 36 of the last DAV Magazine where a Robert Weinstein of Florida is highlighted as the largest single donator to the DAV), but NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE BUS as a National Commander.

    Without Gahary, the reformers managed to run a slate that was virtually unopposed. HOWEVER, before being sworn in by the National Commander, they were forced to agree to National-imposed stipulations, including not going after any of the previous leeches who looted the State treasury, as well as the Trustees for overspending, and made them drop all pending lawsuits against the DAV and their minions for illegal and corrupt acts, warning them that for the next seven months they were on “THIN ICE,” and any deviation from their stipulations would mean the pulling of the State’s Charter.

    I always thought the DAV was an American democratic institution, not a third world-run dictatorship, overseen by leeches and self-enhancing scum.

    SINCE I am not a party to their stipulations, I have taken copies of the shredded documents and passed them on to the N.J. Attorney General’s office, as well as all incriminating evidence they have tried to destroy. Based on my discussions with the AG’s office, I believe they are not favorably inclined as to the innocence of National and the Trustees they sent here to cover up their crimes. If the evidence is enough, they too may face the bar of justice.


  55. It takes an average of 52 months for a veteran to appeal his claim at the Board of Veterans’ Appeal. Many vets cannot wait that long for their benefits and become homeless while on the long waiting list.

    The Veterans Administration Regional Offices (VAROs) keep making the same mistakes, over and over again, denying veterans and never learning anything from the court cases that reverse the denials.

    The Veterans Benefit Manual published by Lexis Nexis demonstrates that there are 22 common errors made by the VAROs requiring veterans to appeal or forfeit their benefits. These common mistakes, repeated by the VAROs over and over again, result in veteran homelessness en masse.

  56. I’ve written to my two Senators and Congressman, also to DAV major contributors all in the last two weeks. Make sure you attach a copy of the New York Post article. I’m told the Congressman Henry A. Waxman of California is sympathetic to our cause.

    To help our cause, the New Jersey State Attorney General subpoenaed the DAV NJ State Department’s financial records, also looking into indictments against two N.J. DAVers who were National Officers. In my discussions with them, they promised that if they can find substantial proof that National was involved, either by looking the other way, or by some direct involvement, they to will be indicted.

    Their time is running out, and we must keep the pressure on.



    • It’s about time legal action began! We here in Florida have had NO luck with anyone. I guess it took someone with clout, in New Jersey, to get the ball rolling! Believe me when I say WE DID TRY! But NOTHING was done by any legal department in America! We contacted Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), and guess what? He did nothing!

      So, I have heard through the grapevine that THOUSANDS of vets, spouses of vets and relatives of vets (all registered voters) are going to ‘vote out’ ALL politicians come election time! We want to start anew, with fresh members in the House and Senate!

      Its like my father and his generation stated many times: “Politicians are the best money can buy!”

      Maybe our politicians should re-read the Constitution and “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine! That book was one of the reasons behind our break with England in 1776!

  57. The salaries and various other compensations are obscene.

    An IRS audit is certainly called for. Intend to contact my U.S. Senators and my Representative to ask that an audit be done and to take away their tax-exempt status.

    They are violating every requirement for non-profit status. As a former Chairman and President of a national non-profit I can say the IRS would have shut us down if our organization was doing what the DAV is doing.

    • To Mr. Bloom

      From my understanding, there have been a number of people who have contacted the IRS, FBI, Senators, Congressman and many law enforcement agencies, ALL TO NO AVAIL! It seems, in my opinion, DAV is impervious to prosecution from these agencies.

      I hope you have read all the posts here on DAV REFORM, because people have referenced MANY websites and newspaper articles from across the country, telling all of what DAV National and the State Departments have gotten away with for years!

      I wish you luck! Maybe you are the ‘match’ that ‘lights the fuse’ which will show America, and the DAV, that no one can hide when there is blatant corruption in a corporation!

      • With everyone you have whined to and contacted, OBVIOUSLY none of your contacts were able to find anything “illegal” with what DAV is doing. You really should find something more useful to do with your time.

    • I just heard online gambling is legal in New Jersey as of Tuesday November 26, 2013! We here in Florida had that scourge, until our legislature saw the light, exposed the corruption and shut it all down in March, 2013, which included ANY and ALL DAVs operating such gambling halls!

      Here’s my question to New Jersey. Why did National or State DAV shut down your Chapters? Could the truth be National and State want to turn your Chapters into ‘gambling halls’ just like they did here in Florida, at which time, there would be nothing left inside your property that the Membership could enjoy?

      Lastly, the bylaws state DAV is to help all vets until the last one! Is it not counter-productive when a vet gets his/her disability to live on, these DAV gambling halls come along and take their money away? I, to this day, have not figured that one out! Please, someone answer these questions!

  58. I cannot believe what my husband and I just got in the mail today. It is an application for me to join the DAV Auxiliary as a lifetime member. Now why would I want to join the Auxiliary of an organization when they took away my husband’s Chapter to put in a gambling hall and put all their Members at-large when no one in the meeting wanted the Gambling hall in the first place?

    I would have to pay $130. They also gave me labels with no name on it. Makes me wonder if they are trying to find out my name.

    We have gone to other DAV buildings and were thinking about transferring his membership to another Chapter but then they did the same with those buildings.

    So again my question is why would I join an organization that takes money from veterans and puts it right into their own pocket?

  59. If you think you won’t get taken by the DAV, read what happened to this guy. I can tell you about another guy here in Florida. He gave his money to the service officer for lifetime membership for him ad his wife. Over $400. That was in 2010. Probably around September.

    Is Disabled American Veterans a scam?

    He contacted them in Feb to ask about his cards. They don’t have him or his wife on record. They closed down his Chapter in July, 2011. So now he should be at large. National has sent him letters saying he still owes them money for his Membership. They don’t have his money or receipt saying he paid anything.

    • I have a question, does this vet and his wife live in Deltona? If so, I know them and they were ‘ripped-off’ in my opinion! If there is another couple here in Florida, then we have two families that were scammed! If there are two families, then I’ll bet there are more. Please feel free to leave a ‘post’ or ‘reply’ for me on this great ‘site.’ I will try to get back to you ASAP.

      I wish, pray and hope that DAV National and State (paid employees) get what they deserve in a federal court!

    • Don’t be upset. Wilson needed the $400 to buy a new pair of shoes for his retirement party. For all we know, National may give their minions clothing allowances.

      Wilson in his self-eulogizing message on his retirement talked about his four children doing “charity work.” Right!!!! We now know Steven and David BOTH WORK FOR MONEY AT NATIONAL, not as Wilson previously claimed as VOLUNTEERS! The Wilsons don’t do anything for NOTHING!

      Florida Disabled Vet: DAV National must hate you people almost as much as they hate the State of New Jersey!

      The Unguided Missle

      • Hey New Jersey. Did anyone ever contact the VA Office of Inspector General over that “DAV Officer” in New Jersey who never served in the military? I read on here that someone had proof of this. And I am curious if anyone followed through with it!

        Keep up the great work REFORM.

    • It would depend on what kind of service officer, i.e., National, State or Chapter. Chapter Service Officers usually are not paid, from my understanding. The only way for anyone to find out how much a service officer is paid, would be to contact DAV National. But from my understanding, one may not receive an honest answer from them. I hope this is helpful.

      If you want to help at a local level, why not ask why National is shutting down a majority of the Chapters. When you get National’s ‘answer,’ contact the Members of the Chapters! I guarantee the ‘answers’ will NOT be the same!

      I wish you luck in this search for honesty and truth from those who are causing a once-great organization to fail miserably!

  60. How come no one is reporting anything? The Sanford, Florida DAV Chapter is completely closed down. The flags are gone; State did it again. A Chapter that was doing things in their community gets shut down again.

    I hope the IRS does something to these guy since I know Congress won’t. Congress is in Obama’s back pocket. If Obama can get away with treason and robbing Americans, so can the DAV.

  61. I expect an agency to toot their own horn, but not with a bald-faced lie. DAV advertises that its executives are unpaid volunteers.

    For 18 years I fought the VA for disability standing. A DAV Service Officer succeeded in getting the VA to grant me service-connected disability standing. He continued the fight until I got a 30% service-connected disability rating.

    DAV Service Officers and other employees need a decent salary for the work that they do, but we understood that the people who served as CEOs had sufficient means to serve without compensation. It is reasonable that DAV might pay their expenses, but not in the amounts found by Veterans For DAV Reform.

    By the way, I discovered your organization by accident. It needs to gain a wider audience.

    • You are so misinformed! Read the IRS 990 and get informed. No wonder it took you so many years to get 30%! You, as many others, have been duped by the DAV Service Officers. Get a great Service Officer by using the VFW. They know what they are doing when it comes to VA disability claims!

      Also, the websites mentioned on many of the posts here are true and factual. Click on them and you will be amazed at what you read, especially when it comes to what the DAV is doing to their local Chapters nationwide. I feel you need to explore more information to see just what the DAV has become in the past 20 years.

    • Facebook, Twitter and other sites are where you can tell all, if not many, of your friends about DAV Reform! Believe me when I agree with you, this website definitely needs a larger audience! My wife have been sending these posts to any and all who will listen!

      Please, can you do the same?

  62. How sad that the “CEO” Wilson can bend to “take” his huge salary.

    I will NOT be sending any more checks to this DAV organization even if my two children served in the military.

    Did Wilson and his cronies?

  63. Have you looked into the salaries for DAV Texas State Officers? I am asking because I would like it verified whether or not our DAV Texas Adjutant and secretary are paid a salary. If they are receiving a salary, are there other members receiving a salary?

    The DAV Texas budget is not a line item budget; however, their budget does have an increase in salaries that caught my attention.

  64. So if a State Department sells a building for $500,000 and puts down they sold it for $250,000, how much will National get, 20% of the true amount or what is on paper? Or does National even know they are selling the building for more than they have on paper? Is that why now when they close a building the assets of that building goes to the National Auxiliary? Hmmm. Maybe National found out the State was cheating them. Well, I wonder where State learned that from?

    • National has another trick up their sleeve. Hide it in the Colorado (now Columbia) Trust.

      Nobody outside their inner circle really knows how much is in there and what they really do with it.

      • Sir:

        I read your post and am interested in how you know about how the DAV changing their ‘trust funds’ to a different location? Is that legal? If not, would the IRS be interested? If you can substantiate that claim, along with other dissatisfied members, I would suggest (strongly) you, and others, contact the IRS IMMEDIATELY!

        This might be a way of getting the ‘leeches’ out of power! Or, could the ‘State’ and ‘National’ Departments have inside info on how their time is short as a “National Veterans Service Organization”? I hope it’s the latter, because I would love to see some, if not all, of them in prison for what they have become!

      • P.S.:

        These ‘officers,’ both State and National Departments, have made me ashamed to have served my country! They have also made me ashamed to be a Vietnam vet – AGAIN!

        • Shame is never upon those who Honorably serve. Standing strong for right and just is all that can ever be asked. You have served and the Honor is yours.

          Thank you for your Service.

  65. I wish to inform all here of another news article which is more current. It was in the The Daytona Beach News-Journal, September 24, 2013, written by Frank Fernandez. The title was “Holly Hill nonprofits told to get rid of gaming machines.” It tells of three other organizations and DAV Chapter 84 of Holly Hill, Florida.

    It seems the Chapter wanted to put in another form of gambling, and was shut down by Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker. In his words, the machines are “A violation of Florida’s gambling regulations can result in serious criminal and civil sanctions,” Barker wrote. This was AFTER he had been “contacted by a representative from the Disabled American Veterans, which wanted to know if Chapter 84 could install a new kind of game called a “pre-reveal” that supposedly conformed to state law.” The response to Chapter 84 was, in my opinion, as correct and direct as possible – ‘No’!

    This Chapter, and others here in Fla., were ‘shut down’ on April 10, 2013, when Governor Scott signed into law the anti-gambling centers, thereby making “adult Arcades,” “Internet cafes” and other similar businesses ILLEGAL!

    So, now that the DAVs, which have been shutting down ALL lounges nationwide, have almost NO other form of ‘fund raisers’ for these Chapters, how are they going to raise money to help veterans?

    It might also be interesting to note the two main State Department (paid employees) ‘Trustees’ mentioned in the Orlando Sentinel‘s Sunday, August 18, 2013 article were instrumental in ‘pushing’ Chapters to install these gambling machines.

    Many Members, after the ‘machines’ were installed, walked out, because there was nothing left inside their buildings! Even the auxiliaries walked out, for the same reasons!

    Now, since gambling “as spelled out in the law” is illegal here in Fla., what are the State and National Departments to do with these expensive buildings and land? My guess is they will sell them, as was done with DAV Chapter 92, Orange City, Fla., when Florida Gameco, Inc. had to close due to a lack of people gambling there. According to county records, the DAV State Department sold Chapter 92 for $270,000 to a religious group, but the value was over $540,000. At one time four or five years ago, the value was over $740,000, a dramatic drop in value, which has never been explained!

    I hope this helps our cause!

    • Does one get the feeling that whenever National is short of cash, they close down a Chapter or two and sell off the assets?

      After all, they need the money to pay the high salaries the Leeches take.

  66. On Sunday, August 17, 2013, the Orlando Sentinel reported, “The DAV’s No. 1 mission is to help disabled veterans… That means helping vets get to medical appointments, filing paperwork to make sure they get benefits. It even means helping repair their homes, mowing their grass or spending time with veterans so their caretakers get a break.”

    My questions are:

    1. When a vet needs a ride, does the van pick them up at their home, then drop them off at their home? That seems not to be the case here in Florida, according to a VA employee!

    2. How many vets have had their claims filled out incorrectly and then had to resubmit?

    3. How many vets have had the DAV come out and repair their home? I have never heard of any such thing happening!

    4. When has anyone from State or National EVER gone out and mowed a veteran’s lawn? If that were the case, then how could that person be considered ‘disabled’?

    5. It sounds great to “give caretakers a break,” but when does that occur? I would like to see and read about that in a newspaper! These would make great ‘human interest’ stories in any newspaper!

    If anyone out there can ‘enlighten’ me on these subjects, please do!

    Thank You

    • Here is a website that talked about an Air Force Base that has been helping the elderly with their yard work.

      They don’t haul it away but if you call the VFW they will haul it with minimal cost. This is in Ariz.. I am sure they can help in any state. At least they do as they say.

      I used to work for an agency and found out about the Can Do Crew from them.

      It’s a shame the DAV can’t say they do as much for vets as other agencies can. And other agencies don’t brag. They have word of mouth and it’s good talk.

      DAV officers get paid and don’t do as much as other vet organizations. What a shame.

  67. Golden Corall gives to Camp Corall for disabled veteran children.

    Golden Corall gives veterans a meal on November 11. DAV is set up for 2 weeks before the event and on that day. That’s the thing you don’t give to. I am going to write a letter and drop it in their basket letting them know how terrible they are.

    Harley Davidson has given DAV $2M since 2007 for the mobile service offices (MSOs). It expires in 2015. We should also boycott them.

    Thank you DAVReform. Great job. Now let’s get the scum.

  68. Thanks, it is about time the DAV was exposed.

    I was active in the DAV for years but all that ended when they stole our Chapter 22 in Maine. We were the most valuable Chapter in the State. The Chapter was built and paid for by local DAV Members, with no help from State or National. Our Chapter was raided by our State and National DAV for our assets!!! Also, our Chapter was dissolved. So much for helping disabled veterans.

    The Maine State DAV is linked to National DAV our treasurer and DAV Treasurer Gary Burns. I do not see him listed in your list of DAV fat cats. He and past Adjutant Arthur Wilson were very close.


  69. I found a website, Military Money Matters, that shows DAV’s IRS Form 990 for 2008, which shows the amount they paid out for salaries to 770 employees.

    And supposedly they had 17,000 Chapters. I found out Friday they only have 1,190 Chapters on their books, with 54 Chapters in Fla. I go on another one and they only have 12 on the website. What a difference. On the one you click on a map, when you click on New Jersey it shows ERROR. You click on their DAVA for NJ and it shows 7. How can that be? When Chapters close so does the auxiliary.

  70. We all need to let our former Members know about this site so that maybe we can come up with a plan to go to Cold Spring, Ky. and throw out the milkers.

  71. What can we do to overturn the DAV? Get the high-rollers out? Put in people who are happy to help veterans without bleeding the system and make us all proud of our Organization again.

    Nonprofits are supposed to give out at least 75¢ on a dollar to their cause. The other 25¢ goes to the house. That means the building, electricity, gas, water, telephone bill and rent. VA supplies the papers, pen, pencils, etc. I am sure if you want something else to drink there is probably a Coke machine or you can bring some with you.

    How can they say they are helping with housing when their trust keeps going up $2M a year average? Oh wait, one of the Trustees home’s was in foreclosure in 2011. Mercifully, it was paid. So maybe the trust helped him. Nice. What about the other vets out their losing their homes? Why hasn’t the trust helped them? I am homeless and they haven’t helped me. My buddy here is letting me stay for a week to help me. Then I am to go to someone else for a week and so on until I get my money from the VA. Then I will pay my buddies for their help, not the DAV. They never offered anything.

  72. To all:

    After reading a PRNewswire article dated September 5, 2013, I was appalled at the “salaries” paid out to the upper crust (National, State, NSOs, etc.)!

    This website, in my opinion, is a fantastic idea. Let’s return the DAV to its once great form. Only, how can that be done? Do we, as Members, have the ‘right’ or ‘power’ to say “You’re fired, get out NOW!?” How do we proceed? Can someone come up with a ‘game plan’? I am willing to help in any way possible.

    What would happen if millions of disabled vets, spouses of disabled vets and children of disabled vets were to descend in the form of a rally on Cold Spring, Ky. and inform all the “paid employees” that their services are no longer needed!?

    Let’s let the ‘leaders’ live off their ‘disability compensation’ as we do! Let them sweat on how they are to pay their monthly bills, as we do!

    On a last note, let’s give to the homeless vets what they need out of the MILLIONS of dollars National and State DAVers have hoarded for so long! That’s my take!!!

    Thanks DAVReform for your fight on this issue. Please, keep it going!

    • I agree. Get your Chapters to put up the money. Rent buses and let’s all visit Cold Spring. Let them know the Blue Hats want the DAV back. If you noticed in the latest DAV National Magazine, new promotions for the same leeches.

      • Another thought!

        As a stockholder of Ford, I wrote to them and asked them to stop supporting the DAV. If you are a stockholder of Ford, or any other company that supports the DAV, write to them. Go into your Ford dealer and tell them you were going to buy a Ford, but you won’t now, until they withdraw their financial support for the DAV.

        Do the same to the Golden Corall restaurants.

        Stop supporting any organization that gives the DAV money.

  73. Hey folks, the new bylaws are now out for everyone to see (8/28/2013).

    It seems all who speak against the DAV, even though it is the truth, could be kicked out of the organization. I feel this is against the Constitution of the United States; i.e., Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press! If a majority of their 1.2 million members told the truth, how long would this organization exist?

    There were so many new bylaws written during this last National Convention in August 2013, it is imperative for all to look at them ASAP!!!!!

  74. I wrote before wanting to know how many Chapters are left running the way they are supposed to be “helping the Veterans in their community”? How many members are there? And I mean the ones that are still alive and that haven’t turned in their cards, whether it be “at large or their Chapter’s card.” How many members meet at other organization buildings?

    These are questions that need to be answered. No one knows or they don’t want people to know. Is it a trade secret?/div>

    • I ask a few questions. Members need the answers to these questions. Please post my questions so someone out there can answer them.

      Thank you KLC

  75. Can anybody out there tell us about Art Wilson’s son?

    1. Is he a veteran?
    2. Is is disabled?
    3. What function does he perform at National to be worth a salary of $30,000, let alone the $96,000 he was paid in 2012, other than his coming from Arthur’s seed?

  76. I thought only full-time employees got paid, and not that much. Being National Commander is important, but not that much.

    No wonder this position is controlled by a few and not a real election. State and National Group Committees assign the people getting in line to be the next Junior Vice and up.

    Fred Daniels

    • How about this for democracy in the DAV:

      I was brought up on bogus charges by the crooked members then running the New Jersey State Department, because I vowed to expose the then-State Commander as a fraud. Not only was he not disabled, but he never served one day of active military service. I as Treasurer of my Chapter had evidence that my Chapter Commander and Senior Vice Commander were ignoring the bylaws, and spending unauthorized Chapter monies, among many other real Article 16 offenses.

      So the corrupt State Judge Advocate/State Adjutant had Article 16 charges brought against me!

      When I asked for a postponement of my Article 16 hearing because I was undergoing major spinal surgery, Art Wilson denied my request. In fact, he went further and publicly stated that “he wanted me found guilty and removed from the DAV, and if by some miracle I was found innocent, he had the power, after reviewing the transcript, to reverse the findings and find me guilty.”

      Why did Wilson want me gone? He knew I was writing a book called Arthur Wilson’s Legacy, that threatened to expose his corrupt policies.

      While these clowns and leeches remain in power at National, there will never be justice in the DAV.

      When Wilson found out the new NJ State Line had uncovered mass fraud by his minions who had lost their power by legitimate elections, and two of his National Officers from the State were about to be suspended and brought up on Article 16 charges, he put the State into Trusteeship with his handpicked puppets in charge, including one the two who were about to be suspended! The State Department of NJ is still in limbo, as the Trustees help themselves to State funds for travel, lodging, expenses, etc. to the tune of over $50,000.

      • If you have physical proof of finances spent illegally you need to contact the IRS. If you know, for a fact, someone has never been in the military and is collecting monetary benefits then you need to contact the VA!

        These ARE criminal acts which these entities need to know about! Be prepared to wait, as these government agencies take their time adjudicating “claims’ brought against an individual(s).

        I wish you the best. You seem to know a great deal of the alleged crimes taking place in your state. Get together with other vets who can substantiate your complaints and GO FOR IT. Remember, stand together and tell the truth, only then will justice be served!

      • Sir, if you have proof a person has never been in the U.S. Armed Forces and is collecting VA disabilities and you have proof of corruption in the DAV, it would be your “Civic Duty” to expose it! I know this would be a hard decision, but it shows the true spirit of a person’s integrity and honor!

        It has been done before. In 2008, a large ‘bust’ was done. It covered 4 or 5 states in the Midwest. A number of individuals were arrested, convicted and sentenced to years in prison. It began in Louisville, Kentucky. It was posted on The title of the article is “Department of Veterans Affairs defrauded for $1.9 million.” This article goes into great detail. If it weren’t for someone turning in an NSO of the DAV, how much longer would it have gone on?

        Again. I wish you the best of luck!

        TAC (U.S.Army & U.S. Navy-Ret.)

    • It seems the DAV has, according to “posts” on here, changed their ways of ‘helping vets’ in 1993! It was after that time Congress should have taken action and dealt with this ‘issue,’ in my opinion!

      But what’s to say if a million disabled vets, a million families of vets and a million (or more) signatures on a petition were to go to Washington and demand REFORM be made to VSOs. Veterans from across this great country would show up if we stood together. Also, if millions of people were to descend on the Capitol, we might get Congress and the Senate to listen to THE PEOPLE, not the SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS.

      I hope this REFORM website wakes up millions of people. That a petition is started so veterans can FIRE those in charge of the DAV. You never know, it just might scare the hell out of other Veteran Service Organizations into doing what is right by veterans!

      TAC ~ U. S. Army (VN Vet 1968-69) & U. S. Navy Vet (Operation Fluid Drive- Beriut, Lebanon- 1976)

      • DAV’s bylaws are listed in the Auxiliary. My husband would be ashamed to see what they have as their Bylaws now.

        Go here and check it out. By the bylaws they all should be put at large and then stripped of their membership.

  77. Our DAV Chapter is currently inactive. However, I have been trying to help reactivate it. As of now, until this issue is resolved, I shall no longer put forth any effort to do so.

    Hopefully, proper compensation shall be had for all with justification to compensate in alignment with the norm for similar non-profit organizations.

    Frank Huff, Life Member

    • The problem with “aligning with similar non-profits” is that the others have similar pay structures.

      This cartoon pretty much sums it up.

      How is it that being a volunteer on the Chapter level actually costs the volunteer money, as it should, & the bigwigs in National actually make money, some of them between $5,000 & $10,000 per week?!

  78. I can’t understand how all these people are getting that much money, when we are supposed to be helping the vets. I am a service rep at no pay, drive the DAV van to Charleston, S.C. at no pay and also Commander of Chapter 57 Conway S.C.

    I also had planned on going to National this year, but after finding out what they wanted for rooms and PARKING!!! I decided our unit needs our money more than National and Florida.

    Signed Arthur J. Morrow, Commander

    • This is something we are confused about as well.

      How is it that being a volunteer on the Chapter level actually costs the volunteer money, as it should, & the big wigs in National actually make money, some of them between $5,000 & $10,000 per week?!

      • This all started back in 1993. The National Service Officers (NSOs) wanted to secure not only their salaries (and the rise of them) but also their pensions. But the National officers at that time wouldn’t play along. So, the NSOs got together, along with their cronies and friends within the individual State Departments and Chapters, and did a coup and put into places of power (like the National Commander and Adjutant…etc) their buddies who would further their plans and ran out good honest people.

        I know, I was there at the 1993 San Francisco Convention and saw it happen. I am also one of the good guys that they ran out. I was Commander of a Chapter here in Maine and I was State Senior Vice Commander, and had the votes to become State Commander. But a crooked NSO here put together a kangaroo court of his buddies throughout the State Chapters and ran me out too, because I would have exposed him and the NSOs plans and corruption. Since I was a Life Member, they couldn’t completely run me out, so they did the next best thing, they put me National-at-Large and banned me from ever holding office again in my State.

        I did much for the DAV, to include driving the DAV van bringing vets to the VA hospital, many fundraisers, worked at the VA hospital, even wrote a bill establishing a Women Veterans Commission here in Maine. But what the NSOs did to me and my beloved DAV was unconscionable and only served to line their pockets.

        They HAD to pay their buddies who helped them accomplish this of course, so this is why you find what you do today in this press release. It’s not anything surprising to those of us who saw it happen 20 years ago. Just follow the money trail with the NSOs and their pension plans and salaries. Find the many GOOD people who were involved in not only the National level, but many of the States as well, and you’ll find MUCH evidence about this.

        I won’t have ANY thing to do with the DAV since they ran me out and won’t return until it has been revamped to its original reason and concepts for existing, to aid the heroes of our country who become disabled in their service to our country to get their benefits and health care that they deserve and aid them in their difficulties in having a better and normal life that their disabilities would otherwise bring.

        So, I hope that you (as this group) do reform the DAV and I will gladly help you in any way I can! It’s been long in coming!

    • Dear Mr. Morrow:

      You should start looking on the Internet concerning the following states:

      Minamoni (sic), Wisc., Indiana, Colorado Springs, Colo., all of New Jersey, all of Arizona.

      “The Honorably Discharged Veterans of Sarasota County” Florida, “The Veterans Post,” (a veterans newspaper where State DAV Officers tried to prosecute the editor, and failed miserably here in Florida).

      There are also many .org and .gov websites which will give you a better understanding as to what is REALLY going on. I hope and pray you and your Chapter do not get into trouble for your ‘post.’ Maybe you all might learn from the “FORMER DAV CHAPTER” of Sarasota, Fla.

      I wish and pray your Chapter continues to help veterans of your community. It seems many, if not all, State Departments and National DAV Officers are occupied in taking over, closing and selling as many of the real properties and bank accounts of DAV Chapters as they can!

      Thank you so much for your concerns over what is happening. It takes great fortitude to stand up against these individuals!!!

  79. The DAV always reminds people that they were Chartered By Congress. Yes I agree to that. Congress does not review the Non-Profits after they Charter them unless they get info that they are doing wrong.

    There was an organization last year that got their Charter revoked by Congress, so it can be done.

    Everyone out there that has info on these leeches needs to write to Congress in Washington and let them know of all the wrongdoing they are doing. Tell everyone you know about this. Maybe together as members we can get it done. We are supposed to have 1.2 million members still, according to National.

  80. How many DAV Chapters are left in the whole USA? With State and National closing the Chapters and selling the buildings, State and National are going to be the only ones open. They keep their dead Members on the books for six months to years to make their membership look big.

  81. To all DAV chapters:

    Turn in your charters NOW! Call yourself something other than DAV.

    • Did you know By Laws are NOT admissible in a court of law?
    • DAV [paid employees] will be shot down
    • All you have to do is follow what The Honorably Discharged Veterans of Sarasota [Florida] did
    • Then you can begin to do what a Veterans Organization is supposed to do
    • That is TO HELP VETERANS
    • I gave this info before
    • I hope and pray many chapters heed my advice
    • It will only be when thousands of you change your name and let National know you’re not going to let them bully you will they might understand their time is short
    • Let them fold, they aren’t helping vets anyway

    • How pathetic is it that a terminated NSO from Florida resorts to nameless attacks on the entire DAV rather than openly presenting his [or her – Ed.] view in public. Oh, wait…that would require some things he’d never displayed in his career. Integrity, courage and responsibility.

      So, now you want to shoot down paid employees of the organization, including the NSOs who work to assist veterans? The same ones you lauded in a prior post.

      I was always taught that filth sinks to the bottom. You’ve definitely proved that point.

      Oh, BTW, New Jersey…I’ve heard of “Black Operations” but please explain a “Black Box Operation.” Let me guess…you’re a “special forces clerk typist” that was on loan to MI-6 through the CIA to assist James Bond? Let me also guess that you had an infamous “Top Secret Clearance”? If so, care to reveal the alphabetic codes after “TS”? They’re on your DD-214 and not classified. How about you provide an SF-180 so an interested party can see your 214 so we can see how much of a “hero” you are. Oh wait…your DD-214 is classified, isn’t it? Sorry…that doesn’t hold water.

      Feel free to attack me at will. The two of you and your verbal tirades against anyone who speaks against you are quite humorous. I’m not an employee of the organization or even an active member. Just a veteran that is sick and tired of nameless individuals attacking an organization that has done a lot of good for veterans.


    If you can read, and have the mental capacity to comprehend numbers, tell me how you can still support them, when their 2012 990 reveals:

    1. Revenues down 96%
    2. Expenses increased 10%
    3. Salaries increased 15%

    I expect that CharityWatch will give them an “F.”

    If you still support them, you must be DEAF, DUMB, & BLIND.

    I guess Wilson knew to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wilson ain’t out, he’s now the President of the National Foundation. Check it out:

      DAV National Service Foundation

      The ‘board’ is stacked with the same people as is the National DAV. In my opinion, they are all a bunch of leeches who will one day reap what they have sown!!!!

      God WILL PUNISH THEM, be patient IT WILL happen folks.

  83. I agree with you! I understand that our top leadership people are very important to our association, but come on now, they don’t deserve that kind of funding.

  84. Yes, the disabled veterans are the ones that are supposed to benefit from the DAV, not its officials. Most non-profits have volunteers to do the work and feel gratification because they are helping people in need, not for the money.

    I have worked for non-profits, yes; I was paid minimum wage. The CEO was let go because of her stealing from the till. She worked there for 15 years as the CEO and her family were the founders of the organization.

    So the vets should be able to get rid of the leeches in the DAV.

  85. President Obama’s Speech to Veterans in Orlando

    Wish I could be there to ask him if he knows about the following issues:

    • Previous St. Petersburg VA Regional Office (VARO) federal employees such as myself who have reported management’s intentional mishandling of veteran claims to deny them quickly and reduce the VARO’s backlog.

    • Reports by VARO employees of a very high ranking manager who was recently having sex with other employee(s) in his office, inside this federal facility and during business hours. Most important: WHY WASN”T HE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED? WHY NO CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF TAXPAYERS’ MONEY THEFT (HIS $100,000+ SALARY) SINCE HE WAS HAVING SEX, NOT DOING HIS JOB? WHY HASN’T THE DIRECTOR HERSELF BEEN DISCIPLINED/TERMINATED FOR FAILING TO TAKE ACTION WHICH DEMANDED IMMEDIATE TERMINATION?

    • Reports from employees that new Agent Orange (Nehmer) claims have been improperly awarded and even after hundreds of thousands of dollars in errors have been found in just a few claims, the Director and her management team has refused to have the other thousands of claims reviewed. Based on the federal judge’s 2010 order mandating Nehmer claims be adjudicated accurately, St. Petersburg’s VARO management refused. Mathematically it is practically guaranteed that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Vietnam veterans in Florida who are being deprived of millions of dollars in compensation and medical benefits.

    • Retaliation against VA employees who blow the whistle against management, many of us veterans ourselves.

    Please disseminate this information to all veterans, members of the media, and our politicians including Obama. We the federal employees keep getting retaliated by this VARO’s Director and her management team each time we have tried to do justice to our veterans. If a Congressional Hearing about this situation is ever organized-something you all desperately need to fight for at this time-then we will come forward to testify.

    Until then.

    • To all. It seems this website may be a good idea. Yet, in my opinion, it may be a waste of time.

      All that has been done is allowing many vets to vent their frustration concerning an organization that doesn’t deserve the sweat off our brow. I would like to give all here a few examples of places that have beat the DAV at their own game.

      “The Honorably Discharged Veterans of Sarasota County.” They are located in Sarasota, Fla. They give a step-by-step way of beating the “DAV State Department (paid employees)” attempts of taking over the State Chapters. They began in 1919 as the “Veterans of WWI.”

      There was also a 91-year-old commander in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. who beat the “DAV State Department (paid employees)” at their own game. He did so as of 21 Feb 2012.

      The State of Florida beat the “DAV State Department (paid employees)” in March, 2013. They did so by ‘shutting down ALL arcades,’ which are now considered illegal in the Great State of Florida. It is rumored some of the State Department (paid employees) Officers were getting monies from Florida Gamco, Inc.

      I hope and pray the new DAV National Commander will wake up and smell what is going on and take dramatic steps to discharge violations against ANY DAV Officer who performs illegal activities against any DAV Chapter. I believe this may not happen because there are hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars at National that is, in my opinion, NOT being spent to help vets.

      And every time the DAV State Department (paid employees) shut down a DAV Chapter, National is in violation of their own By-laws. How may you ask: The chapters can no longer help the vets in their local communities, a direct violation of not being able to help “ALL VETERANS TO THE LAST ONE!” Look it up in the DAV National By-Laws.

      There are so many out there that know what is happening, yet are afraid to stand up for what is right and honorable.

      Well folks, that’s my take on what is happening. As Ripley once said, “Believe it or Not!”

  86. This is a forum to help us all and may shake up the high-rollers of the DAV.

    NJ has been under trusteeship for over a year and the trustees do nothing but shake their heads and say they don’t know why they are here, to quote Ken Wolfe.

    From what I see, the VFW is eating our lunch in response to helping vets, I for one. I am a very active volunteer service officer lining up vets who would normally come into the DAV, with the VFW, and they are also the young vets, who the DAV desperately needs.

    Lets stop the racist bull. Did you worry about the race of the solider watching your ass in combat? We have a choice and mine seems to be to help vets, not pay towards Art Wilson’s pension. Either stand up and be counted as one who can help or get the hell out of the way.

    The DAV is dead in NJ thanks to National and their cronies who like nothing more than to rub shoulders with the high-and-mighty.

    When I was a kid in Vietnam I would see some return from R&R wearing jackets that read:

    “When I die I’m going to heaven because I’ve spent my time in hell.”

    And then we have the well-to-dos who will surely pay for the desire to be well-paid leaders who have forgotten where they came from. How many combat vets are in the DAV compared to the VFW? I know of many DAV members who were so disabled by the fear of a war deployment and now they collect what others have earned, such as me, with our blood. How about you tell us how you became disabled! DAV does not mean combat. Many are undeserving and are served by those who think they deserve it all.

    Combat wounded, Vietnam

    • While I basically agree with most of what you say, to squeeze all DAVers into a box saying if you weren’t in combat, your not a true DAVer, is wrong. My 100% came from being injured doing a “BLACK BOX OPERATION” in 1960, during a non-“COMBAT RECOGNIZED ERAS.”

      When you signed, you swore to uphold the Constitution and fight for your country, if asked. You went where you were told. Did you know that nearly 500 military men were killed while on active duty during the Cold War, during what is considered “NON COMBAT RECOGNIZED ERAS?

      The government swore that if you got hurt or injured during your military service, whether in combat or not, you would be taken care of.

      Unfortunately, while the VA says I am a disabled veteran, the state of New Jersey is the only state left that refuses to recognize veterans who served during the Cold War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are so full of crap that you need a septic tank. Your MOS/NEC would not have been ones that would have allowed you on “Black Box” Operations. Ever hear of STOLEN VALOR?
  87. They need new blood, young blood, who are able to incorporate technology, program management, and lead this new wave of veterans into the future. They need a CEO who was not groomed by the old CEO.

    I have no problem with upper management of nonprofits making tremendous amounts of money as long as the “in the trenches” day-to-day workers who make them look good and do the real work are adequately compensated. I don’t care about them making money due to the responsibility they have on their shoulders.

    I want new programs that are helping veterans get jobs. Why aren’t they leading the way with WWP, IAVA, Hire Heroes, and expanding the knowledge base of the various other NSOs to develop positions with top Fortune 500 companies?

    It is interesting to find out that the only NSO in Florida who actually cared and went beyond the extra mile to assist veterans is no longer working for DAV.

  88. Alabama Disabled Vet

    I’m sick of that racist, bigoted statement you made about Blacks being ignorant or your statement about Obama. This is probably why no one wants to help your dumb ass.

    So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a lifetime Black member and a disabled vet and trust me if you was in front of me and said what you said, it would have trouble with me.

    And since your dumb-minded bigoted trailer trash vet brain hasn’t figured it out yet, I’m a Black brotha from the North and if it’s true that the DAV is squandering money then prove it, or change the status, talk to them saying you want to go to the papers if they don’t help homeless or poor vets, or write your congressmen. But like I said you must have proof!

    • Well, apparently you can’t read and or comprehend the English language, which only proves the point that New Jersey Vet was getting at that I responded too.

      Anybody that has read any of this will clearly see that you are the racist. Your threats hold no fear in my heart sir. Go back and read all of the statements made and you will realize you have made a grave error in judgement as to whom you should be addressing with your anti-racist propaganda. How can you be racist and anti-racist at the same time?

  89. Once again you stoop to a new low. I am not sure now who your problem is really with; all Alabama people are illiterate and/or all Africans are illiterate. Either way, you have no basis research, studies or actual evidence for any of the statements you made. All of what you said once again has made you look like an idiot.

    As far as the board of directors and how much they make and where you’re getting the info from. Could you and the person running this site provide the time cards of the individuals that you claim are in receipt of $100K for five hours work? I do not believe you can, which means you only assume how much work they do and that again proving my point that you’re throwing mud around without any proof.

    You all should reform yourselves into normal human beings. Everything you have stated on this site leads to the same conclusion you all are lowlife scum with your hands out, and if nobody fills it, you are going to stomp your feet and cry like a baby. Again, I say to you Marine, man up!!!!

    • Alabama Disabled Vet

      You said:

      As far as the board of directors and how much they make and where you’re getting the info from. Could you and the person running this site provide the time cards of the individuals that you claim are in receipt of $100K for five hours work? I do not believe you can, which means you only assume how much work they do and that again proving my point that you’re throwing mud around without any proof.

      Please see page 7, Part VII, Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors on IRS Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax,” which lists the individuals “working” five hours per week and being paid enormous sums.

        • Alabama Disabled Vet

          You said:

          That’s the meeting hours per week, not the total hours worked…

          So, if they doubled the number of hours they “worked” per week from five to 10, they’d only be “earning” $188/hour & $185/hour respectively.

          Are you OK with that?

          • Once again you have no idea how many hours they work. You are using the meeting hours as final number of hours worked and or dreaming up numbers. You have no idea how many hours they work, so your talking out of your fourth point of contact.

    • Mr. or Ms. Alabama:

      Calling Disabled Veterans here on this site “lowlife scum” is below the belt and out of order. You should face an Article 16 and be removed from the Organization. Most of us have never asked for or taken a dime from the DAV. In fact, most have given money, time of service to the organization in order to help Service Connected Disabled Veterans, their widows and widowers and Dependents.

      All members and their families have sacrificed, they have earned every measure of respect, even if you disagree with their position.

      Suggest you begin by looking in the mirror, perhaps the baby inside you will emerge to where you can begin anew.

      100% P/T


  90. HA HA Jersey Barracks lawyer. I can tell by what your typing that you were never a real Marine. I do not work in Cold Spring. I do however agree with what the DAV does and its mission. I do not know of anyone getting a $50K salary working 2 hours a week and neither do you. You have no real argument except you finally showed your true colors in the statement you made about you would do the job for half the money, which was my original point: You are disgruntled because you do not hold a paying national position. So you decide that it’s your duty to cast the DAV in a bad light. The worst leaders are bad followers and that’s exactly what you are, Mr. Barracks Lawyer. You spend more time trying to get out of doing something than it would have taken to just do it.

    As far as your threats are concerned I can only assure you that you and your idle threats strike no fear here. I can also assure you that providing I am at the National Convention and you were to lay eyes on me you would quickly recant any personal statements you have made. Oh yea, thanks Missouri, for pointing out Jersey’s inadequacies.

    Lastly the DAV is not a D rated charity. It’s D-rated folks like you that bring our organization down.

    Now could you please stop crying like a girl and get back in your fox hole like a man?

    • Alabama Disabled Vet

      You said:

      I do not know of anyone getting a $50K salary working 2 hours a week and neither do you.

      It’s actually five hours per week for ~ $100K/year. That’s the income for the DAV Board of Directors. Their incomes can be viewed on pages 8, 9, and 89 on IRS Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax.”

      Lastly, the DAV is not a D-rated charity.

      Uh, yes they are, & have been for years. Pick up a copy of CharityWatch.

      • Seems to me like you Alabama boys are either stupid or a bunch of crooks themselves. We have a Hospital Service Coordinator at the VA Medical Center East Orange by the name of Paul Cobb, an original Alabama hillbilly type. He’s a retired NJ Transit bus driver and can ride the bus for 50¢ as part of his retirement package. There is evidence, photos of him getting on & off the bus at the VA hospital and evidence that he has supplied voucher requests for car mileage; what a dirt bag.

        If you are honest you must just be stupid, since Alabama has the lowest educational standards in the USA, lower than some African countries even. So if you aren’t stupid, you must be corrupt, ‘bama boy.

  91. I’m just trying to figure out which homeless veteran will be handling my claim. I like the one with the dog.

    • Has anyone put my homeless veteran choice into an NSO training program?

      Should be ready to go in about three days.

      Might be able to handle a change of address request.

  92. Hey New Jersey Vet, I do mind you asking because any information you get you use for evil and to serve your own agenda. I don’t bill anybody for anything and I don’t sit around and cry about people running an organization that helps tens of thousands of veterans on a daily basis.

    You and the two or three other people that are hiding behind this website are a joke. You are the ones that need reform. You’re a bunch of whining barracks lawyers that always have to be a fly in the ointment. If you don’t like the organization, start your own and run it how you want, but keep in mind one day, if you’re successful, you will have to deal with people just like you.

    • HEY ALABAMA: Wilson’s gone, so you don’t have to kiss his ring or his arse anymore. If I’m evil, then you and your buddies in Cold Spring are the “DEVIL INCARNATE”!!! Instead of starting a new organization, why not clean up the one you’re in?


      As a stockholder of Ford, I’m taking the suggestion that the brother from Detroit has made. I’m writing to Bill Ford and asking him to stop supporting the DAV until they all take drastic cuts.

      If you can read, go to the CharityWatch and you’ll see they rate the DAV as a “D” charity because of the their large overhead and small payouts.

      I’m not hiding behind a website. I’ll see you at the National Convention. Just look for the heavy guy with a long white beard and short pants. We can then go outside and talk mano a mano.


    • Hey New Jersey Veteran:

      Now you want to resort to violence to prove your point! You must not be that smart if you can’t take the truthful comments of you fellow brother-in-arms. I know that you’re insecure with yourself and have limited abilities to think for yourself since you lead astray so easily by these nut jobs.

      I am a former Marine myself, and I am betting you’re all talk and have no real guts to argue like a real person face to face. The truth about you hurts worse than punch in the gut, does is not? I am sure you never were a real leader in the Marines, so please don’t use that as an intimidation tool anymore. Most real Marines know they don’t have to use that to prove their point.

  93. What a joke this site is for a bunch of disgruntled members and I am guessing some current NSOs who do not have the guts to come out and question our DAV leadership face to face. No, they want to start a website to throw rocks like a bunch of school girls from the sidelines. I have no respect for people that hide behind a web-based name and make untruthful accusations with half truths to the subject matter they are trying to encourage others to swallow. You’re a bunch of real warriors in my opinion!!!!!!

    Sounds to me the Florida Vet and New Jersey Vet should go out and create their own club so they can live happily ever after together. Your purpose and who you are lead me to believe these are a father and son team that have crazy issues in their heads they need to seek professional help to resolve. Why don’t you put a name behind your web-based names so your brothers and sisters in arms know they can come up to you and speak their minds face to face to you chickens!

    • Missouri Disabled Vet

      You said:

      Why don’t you put a name behind your web-based names so your brothers and sisters in arms know they can come up to you and speak their minds face to face to you chickens!

      DAV Reform does not post the email addresses or names of commentators even when their email address or name is provided, as you have provided yours.

      • Sounds like Missouri just wants to continue giving their money to the greedy ones and not to the vets where the money is supposed to go. That’s why the DAV is rated so poorly with CharityWatch, who rate charities and expose poorly run charities, and the DAV is rated poor.

        Where else can you go and (work ?) 1 or 2 hours a week and take home $50,000 a year or more?

        This moron from Missouri who supports this kind of greed is just an example why the leaders laugh and continue to give themselves and family members’ more money for do-nothing jobs.

    • Mr. Missouri:

      In 2005, I got up at a DAV National Convention to question your leader, Wilson and then, IG Gushee. I was removed from the meeting by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

      You say untruthful accusations. CAN YOU READ? Read the IRS Form 990 on their website. It’s their numbers which are quoted. ARE YOU REALLY SAYING THEY ARE UNTRUTHFUL IN WHAT THEY REPORTED TO THE IRS?

      You don’t believe that if National knew our names, the attack dog Hartmann wouldn’t come after us? Look what these SOBs did to the State Department in New Jersey, just because they were about to out Mary Bencivenga for illegally taking DAV Money!!

      The real reason Wilson pulled her from the National line was because he didn’t want her illegal acts to become public if she was Article 16ed and suspended by the State.

      My father is long dead, and I have NO SON. So you are wrong again!

      • DAV has a fraternal side and a National side; American Legion does not. DAV Department of NJ was shut down for gross negligence. Start taking the recommendations in front of you and you just might get your charter back. Stop spreading your lies that you have done nothing wrong. Your books don’t lie. You started this website to keep the attention away from you. I dare you to put up your picture you coward, Mr. Big Shot Marine.

        • Mary B. did nothing wrong except have membership in New Jersey. There isn’t a shred of evidence for any Article 16 against her.

          Hmm, who is there evidence against? Please come out of your closets you cowards. You have no fear when you are behind a computer screen. You are not in the business of serving veterans as DAV has been for 92 years.

          I pray everyday for the leadership that is DAV. As they keep the over 240 NSOs working and better trained than any other VSO. The leadership that can pull off having the President of the United States, Secretary of Veteran Affairs and VA leaders share a stage at our National Convention. They deserve every bonus and dime they receive for the stress they overcome daily and people like you they deal with.

  94. You guys are idiots. Don’t you understand that although DAV is a non-profit organization, it is a business? Compensation of senior employees is critical to keep all of the spokes of the wheel in place so the tire can turn. That tire provides service to veterans and their families. As a VA employee and Life Member of DAV, I see the value of DAV every day.

    I am assuming that you cowards who who hide behind the anonymity of this blog are former employees that were terminated and this is your way of getting back at DAV. As you can imagine, there is little credibility in anonymity. Best of luck in your “mission.”

    • The same guys that put this site up are the REASON the Department was closed. They throw mud at anyone who disagrees with them and they mention some names of NJ Members on this site, which is unethical. I could tell some stories about other Members on this site, but I wont because I have integrity.

      And for the NJ DAV Member that thinks only combat veterans should be DAV Members, he should:

      1. Read the DAV Charter and Bylaws

      2. Join the VFW if he is not happy with the DAV’s Organization.

      Right, Don?


  95. We just attended a meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey where the Trustees revealed they had no idea what they came here for! Our meeting cost $24,000, and lets not forget the $1,000 for their meal at Gallagher’s Steak House one evening.

    Do they think we are stupid?

    And what does Art Wilson get for his retirement after making 30% more than the VFW as adjutant? Art made $358,000 in 2011! Is that what we want?! VFW pays $220,000!

    Are we sheep in this organization?!

    It’s time to come to grips with the feeding in the pig pen. We the Chapters who try to help are pissed and yet we get no response!

    • This entire situation is such a scam. There are so many vets willing to work and help other veterans and time, money and energy is being wasted. There was no reason for any suspension of our state and here we are one year later and still no explanation. A few bad apples can spoil the whole state. It’s very sad. Our veterans deserve better. Stop this ridiculous witch hunt and restore our state.

    • It’s time for the bosses at DAV National to realize that they are backing losers in NJ. We demand that former National Line Officer Mary Bencivenga resign, as well as Trustee Joe Harris. These two people are going to cause nothing but grief for DAV National. Mary Bencivenga billed the NJ State Department $7,000 for meeting with homecoming heroes from Iraq.

      Gimme a break, Mary! You can put lipstick on a pig, but she is still a pig, a greedy pig, who is playing us for suckers.

      National, make it happen! Dump Bencivenga and Harris! They are not helping DAV National’s already-tainted image.

      We will not give up!

      • If I may ask a question in regards to the $7,000 “bill.”

        How many trips did she make to the bases to help or assist these returning vets and how many hours of her time did she donate during these trips?

        I would appreciate a response before I comment further.

  96. We are a charity, we help, we don’t get rich. I get no money for helping vets. Why should we pay others to help vets?

  97. Hmmmm, same two people with comments lashing out trying to figure out who I am, which shouldn’t matter. I’m just a person with a difference of opinion. I will tell you that I am certainly not high up in the DAV, or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Hey Alabama Disabled Vet, if you don’t mind me asking, how much do you bill the Alabama DAV for your travel expenses? How much per mile? Does the Alabama State Dept. give you a bonus for your “volunteer” work?

      You may be just a minor Charity Parasite® following in the footsteps of Herr Art Wilson and his new lackey replacement Marc Burgess.

      These DAV National Officers are just too darn greedy. A little transparency wouldn’t hurt, would it?

  98. You know what, it really does not matter what anyone thinks; no one of any real POWER will do anything.

    If only the people who donate would all of a sudden stop for one month; hmmm what a concept.

    But then again, like P.T. Barnum said: “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and boy has DAV rounded them up or what?

  99. I haven’t looked at this site for a while but when I looked today I seen some new comments that make me laugh. Its funny to see how many of you get upset and go off on a tangent about me and people like me even though you don’t know me.

    If there are so many people backing this movement why is it that I am only seeing comments from the same select few jaded individuals? Does reform mean we should get rid of all the individuals ruining this organization and hire you select few that seem to have all the answers? What reform do you actually mean? Why do you not mention the programs and all of the good the DAV does?

    As I initially stated, some people will never be happy unless they are complaining. BOOOOOHOOOOOOO.

    • Alabama Disabled Vet:

      You said:

      If there are so many people backing this movement why is it that I am only seeing comments from the same select few jaded individuals?

      DAV Reform does not post the email addresses of commentators even when their email address is provided, which is, so far, every email except one. So therefore, Alabama Disabled Vet could apply to you & anyone else from your state.

      Does reform mean we should get rid of all the individuals ruining this organization and hire you select few that seem to have all the answers?

      DAV Reform is not looking for employment.

      What reform do you actually mean?

      Let’s start with the bloated incomes.

      Why do you not mention the programs and all of the good the DAV does?

      No need to, we’re all about reform. At this point, we’re a single-issue organization.


      Your mind is like those in Cold Spring, Kentucky; very small and rigid. “DO NOT ALLOW ANY UNFAVORABLE COMMENTS IN PUBLIC.” I was previously removed from a DAV National Convention because I got up on the floor to ask Wilson & Gushee a question, a question they considered not in keeping with their credo: “DO AS I SAY & NOT AS I DO.”

      Whoever is behind this site deserves kudos and yes YOUR RESPECT!!!!!!!! Why? Because they print even your DAV NATIONAL RHETORIC. They must believe as Voltaire said: “I DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY, BUT I WILL DEFEND TO MY DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT”!!!!!

      With your obvious clout, why don’t you ask your buddies at National to print this site’s WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW?

      If most people thought like you, we’d still be a English colony. Then you could kiss their asses instead of Cold Spring’s.

  100. I am a Life Member of the DAV and I am ashamed of our leadership. I worked for Ford Motor Company for 32 years and own shares of stock in Ford. I wish to reach out to all other former Ford employees, retirees and shareholders, who own stock to come to the next Ford shareholders meeting and express our dismay with the donations that Ford is giving to the DAV. Write Bill Ford himself and ask him to stop all donations to the DAV until DAV Leadership’s compensation packages are reduced. Not another nickel to the DAV until the DAV big shots stop getting the big bucks while we have vets living on the streets or in underemployed situations. We are calling on all Ford retirees and others to make this known at our local meetings.

    • The Michigan Vet has the right idea. All the Blue Hats should contact everyone they know, whether corporate or individuals and ask them to stop giving money to the DAV until they drastically cut the salaries of all those bloodsuckers drinking at the DAV trough.

      I hope at the National Convention in August that there is a great ground swell who rise up and demand more openness.


  101. I just got home here in Jacksonville, Florida from our Department convention today. The Convention for DAV Department of Florida was held early this year for some reason that I was never told, but then I have been a member for over 60 years and have noticed that here in Florida lately you are not told anything just expected to follow.

    I was witness to something that really has stuck in my craw. Yesterday, Saturday June 1st, the “supposed leadership” of DAV here in Florida successfully ram-rodded a change to the Department Constitution and By-laws down all of our throats; very Obama-esque. They, the “leadership,” seems to believe that attaching or encumbering the deeds of those Chapters who own their own buildings will protect the Organization from losing them i.e. the Department of Florida will not lose any money.

    One individual, I believe his name is Ray Rawlson, stood up and spoke out about it and even had commented that he had consulted a contracts attorney regarding this. He stated that the attorney had stated that the Chapters’ charter and articles of incorporation are, in fact, contracts. He had done this in the appropriate manner according to the “Rules of the Convention” and within the prescribed 3 minutes he was given. Everyone who spoke against him, and yes it was against him and not pro the other viewpoint because they all started with directing their comments out by addressing him in the negative and very angrily and took well over 3 minutes each and some individuals were allowed even more than one turn at bashing him. They fired off questions at him and he was never given a chance to retort; which if my memory of “Robert’s Rules of Order” hold true at that point everything should have stopped and the issue either tabled for later discussion or he should have been allowed to offer counter points. The one comment that sticks out that was fired out regarding this deed issue was “we are doing this to protect you.” I don’t know about anyone else but this sounds like the government and Obama with the Obamacare “this is for your own good” any time someone does something for ME to protect me (for my own good) without me asking for the assistance, I question their true intentions.

    I later that evening, at dinner found out that Ray Rawlson is actually an NSO for DAV so he must truly believe that this is something that is wrong and bad for the members of Florida DAV to risk his job and retribution of his bosses to include that new DAV Director Marc Burgess that was there.

    I do wonder what the true intentions of the people who back this “By-law” change is; having been around DAV in Florida for over 60 years I know a thing or two about the people running DAV here such as who has a real estate license and who was involved in putting “Arcade machines” in the Chapters.

    One last thought: Why hasn’t anyone ever seen the IRS Form 990, ”Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax” for the Department of Florida, DAV?

    FYI, this was my very last DAV Convention of any type…I quit

    • I guess the Florida State Department learned their lessons well from the bureaucrats at National. “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!”
      • Whomever is stating that “No one from Jacksonville who has been a member for 60 years was at that convention”: You are wrong and on the take!

        • Again, no one who had been a member for 60 years was at the Fla. Department Convention. If so, please furnish his name!

    • I too am done with the DAV. In my opinion, DAV State Department, paid employees, along with other self-appointed “Glory Seekers,” have ruined a once-proud and noble organization. I also believe these individuals will receive what’s coming to them. When, I do not know, but I feel it will happen.

      There is also something else you all need to know. This is happening all across this great country, not just here in Florida. If anyone wants, take a look at the Internet of other states, it might amaze and surprise everyone.

  102. I also am a Life Member and I want the DAV to get the needed funds to those vets that need help. Before I became a Life Member the DAV reps in the Kansas City, Missouri DAV helped me get my claims for PTSD and Medicare etc. to keep me and my family from being thrown out onto the streets. I support getting the DAV back to helping VETS!

  103. DAV boss Wilson resigned and is replaced by the new boss…Marc Burgess. Please tell everyone you know to make NO DONATIONS to DAV until the new boss vows to take at least a 20% cut in pay and vows to not fly First Class anymore. No DAV employees need to fly First Class while we have thousands of vets in need. Please tell all your buddies to send no money to DAV until boss Burgess replies and justifies his salary and travel expenses.

  104. COMRADES: Mark your calendar today. Hopefully with the corrupt Wilson departing the scene, God has heard our prayers. Hopefully our voices will be heard, Heaven will open up and suck the remaining bloodsuckers out of National, and some decent God-loving vets will replace them.

  105. A dear friend drilled me harshly last night on this website and the ways of the DAV. I am a disabled vet who has refused to join the DAV because of several of its practices. This included them sending a letter to my aunt within a week after my uncle died asking for a $5,000 donation from the money they helped my uncle receive. Actually, their applications were all turned down so he got nothing after three tours in ‘Nam. But that is a different story.

    You have lumped several other organizations into your ranting and raving. I will only speak on one, the American Legion, who was like most others looked into by CBS News a few years ago. What was the grade for the DAV vs the American Legion? The Legion got an “A.” EVERY dollar donated to a program within the Legion goes to that program. ALL salaries are paid from the per capita (or members dues). Operational expenses for the various programs also comes from the dues.

    So please, before you start stating your slightly slanted view of the truth, please make sure that you have actually verified your facts. It is because of people like you that even the good VSOs are hurt because people think that you know what you are talking about. From my view the problems within the DAV are at all levels. I have seen issues at the state and local levels as well. Thus I agree with your overall desire to reform the DAV, but before you make general comparisons, please make sure of your facts.

    • Massachusetts Disabled Vet:

      All we said in reference to the American Legion was:

      As a comparison to how grotesque and over-the-top the compensation for DAV “leadership” has become under the watchful eye of Wilson’s nearly 20-year reign, a look at the American Legion is in order. Founded the year before the DAV in 1919, the Legion has 2.4 million members, double the DAV’s 1.2 million, with over 14,000 Posts worldwide, compared to the DAV’s over 1,500 Chapters, and only the Legion’s National Commander draws a salary, which is approximately one fourth that of the DAV’s most highly-compensated “leader,” Arthur H. Wilson.

      As you can read, the above actually makes positive reference to the Legion relative to the DAV.

      So, your statement below makes no sense, since all we included in that paragraph were facts:

      So please, before you start stating your slightly slanted view of the truth, please make sure that you have actually verified your facts. It is because of people like you that even the good VSOs are hurt because people think that you know what you are talking about. From my view the problems within the DAV are at all levels. I have seen issues at the state and local levels as well. Thus I agree with your overall desire to reform the DAV, but before you make general comparisons, please make sure of your facts.

      • If I misunderstood your comments earlier I apologize. But in re-reading your comments I still don’t take them as flattering to any of the VSOs. You have a grievance with the DAV then you should address it through the DAV. When you start blurring the lines you may get more of the same. Actually you are not going to accomplish much this way either. This is something that should be addressed by the membership, probably at a convention.

        As I said earlier I have many problems with the DAV. I also know there are many others as well. But you won’t do anything this way except piss people off. Where are your plans or ideas to fix the problem? You haven’t offered anything. Where are your resolutions? How about by-law changes? I have listened many times to the complaints at local and state levels but nobody wants to affect a fix.

        • Massachusetts Disabled Vet:

          We have made no mention of the VSOs. Only through this COMMENT section were they brought up, by others we do not know.

          We are addressing this to the DAV through this website. No lines are blurred. And, we believe we will accomplish what we have begun and have already seen some meaningful signs. Who knows, this may be brought up at the next Convention in Orlando in August.

          As far as “plans or ideas to fix the problem,” this is what we are doing. We are bringing this to the attention of interested DAV members and the public at large. The immediate fix would be for DAV “leadership” to renounce their massive pay packages. That’s a start.

  106. The DAV has never helped me with my disability case and they never take me to my heart specialist appointments because they are in the afternoon. They are all for war and supposedly for veterans but I see them as for themselves and the continuation of wars just like the American Legion, the VFW and AMVETS. Only the Paralyzed Veterans foundation, VVAW, VVA and VFP seem to really be for veterans.

  107. No organization that receives their funding for donations for the disabled or those in dire need should be giving out huge salaries out of donation money. The DAV, American Legion, Red Cross and UNICEF chiefs have huge salaries and that is not right. The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services receive a tiny pittance of a salary because they do it to help people and not to steal from donations.

  108. Hey Florida, if you don’t like it, quit. Nobody is making you be an NSO and as far as DAV Reform with all that I wrote that’s the best you can come up with? You are damaging an organization from the inside out, for your own personal reasons.

    • Alabama:

      We were merely pointing out a fact that you weren’t clear on.

      As far as “damaging an organization from the inside out, for your own personal reasons,” it is quite the contrary. The goal is to clean up the organization to make it more responsive to disabled vets.

    • FYI to Alabama Disabled Vet. I do not work for DAV. I do, by the way, have very intimate knowledge of the inner workings of DAV, to include MANY of the Departments. And I have a very extensive legal background. Apparently I have stuck a sensitive cord with you; in fact, I would venture to say that you are not originally from Alabama or possibly one of the former national officers who retired to Alabama, or maybe not probably just a misguided individual.

      Anyway, I have not challenged the salaries of the “big boys.” I have just brought to light the irresponsible treatment that the “big boys” have perpetrated upon the ones who have actually helped and continue to help “Those who have born the battle, their widows” and dependents. ‘Nuff said!

  109. Once again everyone is focused on what the “leaders” get, what the BIG salary payouts are and miss the real issue.

    For all of you who have continued to miss it; to include Art Wilson, Dan Clare, “Alabama Disabled Vet,” the rest of the lemmings at DAV and Barry Jesinoski; the NSOs and Support Staff are being paid slave wages. The NSOs are being demanded to work beyond what any labor board would actually allow. If it were not for the NSOs, the DAV would not be worth a dime! Oh, and if you have ever been to a National (or even a Department/State) Convention you would see how the leadership treats the NSOs. The leadership expects them to work when they are told to work sometimes even over 18 hours in a day and do tasks that many are not capable of doing; I guess they have forgotten that the FIRST word in their name is DISABLED. Their mantra is “you are here for the members.” With so much money why can’t they hire professional exhibitor/conventioneer staffing? Oh, and by the way, it is high time the NSOs are treated like the professionals that DAV claims they are and are paid as such; their salaries should be increased be 20-30% across the board.

  110. After reading the propaganda/rhetoric on this website I have come to the realization that no matter what an organization does there will always be a select few hell bent on destroying it from the inside out.

    These salaries are way below average for all other companies our size. These men and women have worked hard to be where they are. They have moved their families without question anytime the DAV needed their help. They have pursued multiple educational degrees in order to better serve the organization and constantly do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. They are on call 24/7, work countless hours, and never give up the fight for veterans and their benefits.

    This site is misleading it compares Art Wilson to the American Legion nominated commander position, there is no comparison between the two. If you want to compare, then compare each organizations elected commander. Our National Commander has a 15K travel budget because he is never home. He is always on the road visiting veterans and their families, VA facilities, DAV facilities and attending the National Organizations events, so that he may better determine all veteran’s needs. A monthly travel budget of 15K is not that much when you think of what plane tickets, hotel rooms rental cars, and food cost. You simply cannot compare the two organizations as the American Legion does not provide half the services the DAV does. Where is the list of salaries for that organization’s top officials? Let us truly compare by providing all the necessary information.

    I see homeless people every day and offer to help, I ask if they need food or a place to stay, and all they ever say in return is they need money. I truly believe that there should not be any homeless in America however no matter how hard we try there always will be. If you truly believe that the money people donate to the DAV would be better served by giving it to the homeless instead of paying for programs like disaster relief, transportation, NSO, and free legal services then go out find a homeless veteran and donate directly to him or her.

    Lastly, the comments about the DAV not helping people is just a bald-faced lie; the DAV helps veterans every day. The veterans may not always get what they want but they do get service and the DAV makes sure they get the benefits they are entitled to.

    • To the DAVer from Alabama:

      From your tone it appears that you must be on the gravy train with Wilson and his buddies. Do you know, or even care that the National Philanthropic Watchdogs rank the DAV in the bottom 15% of national charities spending only about 33% of what they take in each year, with approximately 67% going to what National calls “overhead”? Further misleading is the fact that the state Chapters account for 90-95% of that 33%. You should keep in mind that National’s numbers are consolidated! That means they claim all the Chapters in their reporting.

      If you want to see a “REAL SLUSH FUND” look at the “COLUMBIA TRUST,” whose monies are not accounted for to the IRS because it is a trust. Who controls the trust? WILSON OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!

      The National Bylaws & Constitution mention the National Executive Board with its 30+ members. However in IRS Form 990, in addition to the National Executive Board, it lists a “GOVERNING BOARD” made up of 7 DAVers and 8 Outsiders. WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT DO THEY, AND HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAID?

      SO MR. ALABAMA, ARE YOU ON THAT BOARD? WHAT TITLE DO YOU HOLD IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA DEPARTMENT? Me, I’m only a grunt who is 72 years old and 100% disabled.


      I was directed to the ReformDAV site by a friend yesterday, and after quickly reading your comments, I responded. However I have now reread your comments as well as the 100+ pages of the IRS Form 990 in detail, and feel I must again respond to you further.


      QUESTION: How do you know it is a “SELECT FEW,” but not a “GROUND SWELL” growing larger, and larger by the minute. ARE YOU A GAMBLING MAN? I’m willing to bet you your monthly VA disability check against mine, that if all 1,000,000+ Blue Hats went to and read this site, 85-90% of them will be so appalled by Wilson and his boys, and call for them not only to step aside, but give back most of what they have helped themselves to over the years.

      You refer to their salaries by using the words “COMPARED TO COMPANIES OUR SIZE.” This proves you know not where you come! The DAV is supposed to be a charity, not a business! REMEMBER: Our motto is supposed to be: “SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE,” not “SERVING OURSELVES FROM THE TROUGH MEANT TO FEED THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED OF OUR HELP!”

      You tell the Blue Hats who stand in the blazing sun, freezing cold rain, snow, or sleet, shaking the cans, that 67% of what they take in will go to buying the big homes, expensive cars, and filling the bellies of the FAT CATS in COLD SPRING KY.

      I don’t know what homeless vets you’ve talked to, but the many that I have talked to want help, a job, and a safe haven to live in.

      I am a former construction executive and subscribe to the industries Bible, ENR (Engineering-News-Record) by McGrawHill. In the May 20th edition, on page 22, is a story with the headline: “GAO FAULTS VA FOR PROJECT OVERRUNS.” They are running $1.5 billion over budget, and on average 3 years behind their original budget for completion on new VA hospitals and facilities. Ironically, they manage and build their own facilities. This from a group who can’t manage their own healthcare, and can’t handle VET CLAIMS in a timely methodical way. HOW COME YOUR BUDDIES IN NATIONAL NEVER TAKE THEM TO TASK FOR THIS?


      How do you know that the Reform movement has “PERSONAL REASONS? I don’t know what you read, but they are calling for REFORM!!!!!!!!! Whats wrong with reform?

      Why is DAV always sitting on $250-300 million every year? Shouldn’t they spend a preponderance of that every year? By the way, not only is Wilson’s son David on they payroll for $90,000 per year, but now he says his 3 other kids “serve” vets. AND Speaking of WILSON, HOW MUCH IS HIS GOLDEN PARACHUTE FOR RETIRING? How much did you contribute to it?

      You refer to your exalted rulers of Cold Spring as highly educated. If you read Wilson’s bio, he doesn’t even have a college degree! Maybe that’s why they were paying Jesinoski and Burgess a combined $600,000 per year as Executive Directors!

      I belong to the ELKS also. They spend more money on VETS than does National itself spends.

    • The National Commander gets the $15,000 every month and the DAV still pays for all transportation. That’s spending money!

      Our National Commander has a 15K travel budget because he is never home. He is always on the road visiting Veterans and their families, VA facilities, DAV facilities and attending the National Organizations events, so that he may better determine all Veteran’s needs. A monthly travel budget of 15K is not that much when you think of what plane tickets, hotel rooms rental cars, and food cost.

    • HEY ALABAMA: Why don’t you get out? It’s people like you with your head stuck so far up WILSON’S REAR WHO CANT SEE THE FOREST FROM THE TREES, OR ARE YOU PART OF THE CABAL DRINKING FROM THE DAV TROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I am disgusted at the LOW pay provided to the professional NSO corps who work over 40+ hours to make DAV what it is. If it were not for the NSOs and their diligent work and slave labor practices that the National Organization and Local DAV Management enforces DAV would not be in the financial position it is today.

    Let’s face it folks and fellow Disabled Veterans who have all benefited from (and this includes all of you widows out there) the NSOs hard work [to include all of your constant bitching and moaning to them that they are “doing nothing for you” and them having to listen to you rant and rave about “I was counting on that money for my children’s Christmas” etc., and then only a handful of you ever actually thanked them for their constant unrelenting work with the quagmire known as the VA did you realize that most of them have only, at the most, associates degrees and they have the highest success rate (turnaround of VA decisions) i.e., they are going up against VA Raters, Decision Review Officers and BVA Judges who have Master Degrees and they win at the minimum 64% of the cases they argue!!! Compare that to your precious attorneys at the local level. And yet these DAV NSOs are paid at the rate of almost 1/3 less than that of the salary of the VA RVSRs! This is the true injustice. You should be calling for the change to be made here in the salary of the individual who is helping you not the person who is the “talking head.” Just remember what DAV’s Dan Clair recently stated: “DAV’s benefits advocacy program is the largest and most successful in the nation. This is due to the talent and dedication of its extensively-trained National Service Officers (NSOs) and Transition Service Officers. DAV wrote the book on service officer training. DAV’s NSOs, who themselves served, undergo a 16-month training program at the beginning of their careers. Once this initial training is complete, they enter a career-long series of more intense training which is accredited by the American Council on Education. The salaries of DAV’s professional staff members are at the lower end of the scale for charities of DAV’s size. In many cases, they are well below the median. Salaries are regularly reviewed by the organization’s Board of Directors to ensure that they do not exceed fiscally reasonable standards.” He was actually “talking” about keeping the NSO salaries “at the lower end of the scale” and that “Salaries are regularly reviewed by the organization’s Board of Directors to ensure that they do not exceed fiscally reasonable standards” of the organization so that they can maintain the almost slave wages for the NSOs; especially when you take into consideration the weekends, overtime and conventions they are required to work as “non-exempt” employees who have to record their time off by the hour!

    If DAV had to actually open ALL of their books to the “sunshine” like any other REAL Not-for-profit they would be facing revocation of their Congressional charter.

  112. Besides being totally disgusted with these cretins and their obnoxiously large salaries, I refer all who read this to the 990, Part IV, Schedule L, page 2, which shows Wilson’s son David gets a salary of $89,684 per year.

    Other than being a product of his father fertilizing his mother, what qualifications does this son-of-the-head cretin have to get such a salary? I’m sure you could hire three homeless vets in his place. In fact they should get rid of most of their staff and hire 600-700 homeless vets. We could house them in Wilson’s compound.

  113. I’ve been a lifetime member since 1994. I am disgusted by these obscene salaries and perks! I’m with you that the DAV needs serious reform. Please let me know what I can do to help.

  114. I am a life member of DAV. I have asked them for help and they have ignored me. I read Ben Krause’s article about the financial chicanery at the DAV, and seeing how much plunder they are raking in makes me angry and heart sick for the poor enlisted veterans who they are scamming.




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